15 Amazing Things you can do with Internet for Free

15 Amazing Things you can do with Internet for Free


15 Amazing Things you can do with Internet for Free : Internet is something which can help us with almost everything. There are millions of website are available online in which lot many sites are of no use or having wrong information. so go surf the internet and find something useful for you. This article can help you to know things related to internet from which you are not even aware to. Go through this article and learn something cool and interesting.

Amazing Things you can do with Internet

1Learn any language

Learn any language

Knowledge is powerful thing you can have and if you have the knowledge of almost everything, then it is the best thing. And learning any language from internet so easy just by visiting on Duolingo.com

2Find free wifi spots worldwide

Find free wifi spots worldwide

Wi-Fi (or wireless network technology) allows laptops and smart phones to connect to the internet at high-speed without the use of wires. Go to WifiFreeSpot.com and get free wifi.

3Make some sick beats

Make some sick beats

Now you don’t have to pay anything for learning some beats, because internet can help you with this. You can make some beats at Patatap.com.

4Learn any course

Learn any course

Learning course on internet is now easy to access, don’t struggle to much on internet, just visit Coursera.com and learn which ever course you love.

5Read hilarious online comics

Read hilarious online comics

Want to have some fun while using internet, then go to drmcninja.com where you find online comics for free. Dr,Mc Ninja and many more.

6Photoshop pictures online

Photoshop pictures online

Make your photos more clear and beautiful by visiting the site Pixlr.com and do the things your way, its just amazing.

7Play high quality games

Play high quality games

Game lovers can play free games and in high quality go to Bigpoint.com and play games as much as you want.

8Send files upto 1GB

Send files upto 1GB

Pando can be a rescue for those people who have so much of work of files, they can use Pando.com and send files upto 1GB easily.

9Learn to make anything

Learn to make anything

People who loves to learn everything, then Videojug.com is the right website for you. Go to the given site and learn almost everything you want.

10Learn to read body language

Learn to read body language

Want to learn the body language and detect lies of people, then first you have to learn about everything about body language and you can have this knowledge on Blifaloo.com.

11Get free tech support

Get free tech support

If you’re facing problem with your laptop and computers, Techguy.com can be the solution for you. Now you don’t have to call those stupid computer guy anymore. Techguy.com is the right thing for you.

12Send an anonymous email

Send an anonymous email

The email address disappears after ten seconds, so you go scot-free while your nemesis finally accepts that you are the better human. Go on 10MinuteMail.com and your done.


13Watch from hundreds of documentaries

Watch from hundreds of documentaries

It’s got Kubrick on the home page, which basically convinced me that this site is legit. They’ve got loads of free documentaries.com ripe for the picking

14Learn killer magic tricks

Learn killer magic tricks

Loved to do some tricks which can amaze your near once or friends, then you can learn killer tricks on Goodtricks.com

15Torrent websites for everything else

Torrent websites for everything else

Just don’t download anything illegal! *smirk*



Here we are wraping up with this article regarding useful information about internet. 15 Amazing Things you can do with Internet for Free. Stay connected and keep sharing our article.