24 Idiotic Things That Indian Advertisements Have Taught Us

24 Idiotic Things That Indian Advertisements Have Taught Us


24 Idiotic Things That Indian Advertisements Have Taught Us : Guys, whenever you saw your favourite show or movie, and   a ridiculous ads come in suspense, you become fill with a lot of anger because Indian advertisement have only a nonsense meaning which have shown us from many  years. They have been made us fool a lot and accept from us to be fooled. What they wants to show, we saw only that and believe on that but the real mean is unique of it. Some peoples think about it closely that what is the real mean of ads. Here we have 25 idiotic things that indian  advertisement have taught us.

1Shampoo Ads by Celebs

Kareena & Katrina have dandruff and hair fall problems.Shampoo ads shows that all leading actress have dandruff and hair fall problems.

2Music CDs by Bacardi

All of these brands ads like Seagram or Bacardi shows that they only make music CDs, bottled water and golf accessories.

3Deodorants can be Dangerous

Deodorants ads shows that if you have a beautiful wife and your neighbour uses deo, then it could ruin your marriage life.

4Sometime fairness is everything

These fairness cream ads show you degree or job is not that much important, but getting fair is the only concern in your life.

5All dental brands are No.1

All dentists recommended that all toothpaste brands are No.1 and to brush out them our teeth shine like halogen light.

6Every toothpaste have salt

Every toothpaste have salt so don’t worry you never ever have goitre.

7Expensive Jewellery

What the nonsense is this? Expensive jewellery make couples fall in love after arranged marriages. That means expensive jewellery have secret formula for couples.

8Girls are more interested Deos

It means girls are not interested in anything else, except deos.

9Handwash 0.1% Issue

All handwashes destroy 99.9% bacteria why they avoid only 0.1%.

10You have a hero

Do you believe in it that a soft drink can bring a Hero in you. How Stupid is that.

11Aakhiri Thums up! wo kya hota hai?

Aakhiri Thums up! wo kya hota hai?

Stars earn to buy one put their lives at risk. But  you don’t need to have a risk, keep taste the thunder in your fridge.

12Shampoo with fruit ingredients

Our ads shows that the shampoo we uses has more fruits then in a fruit juice.

13Chocolate Ads

Chocolate ads shows that whenever you want to eat a chocolate, then first you have to slather it at your face.

14Cement ads

They shows the synonym of super cement is hot girl coming out from water.

15Mother Daughter talk of hair product

They shows that Mother Daughter forget everything about their life.

16Pan masala able to give success

If every man have pan masala they become successful man very soon.

17TV artist can come in your toilet

Keep your toilet clean. If you don’t do it TV artist put a camera at your toilet.

18Lab coats experts

For our stars  doesn’t matter from which field they are.

19Sanitary pads are your confidence

It means they are the short cuts of confidence.

20Twenty cars of the year

It can helps you to buy one of the best car.

21SUV helps to smash walls

In all over the world SUV can smash the walls and off roading rides.

22Only Inners can give you warmth

If you have only inner in winter so don’t worry it gives you Sardi mein garmi ka ehsaas.

23Sexy Mangoes

Mangoes can be so sexy instead of sexy actress.

24Mutual Fund Investment

Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks please read the offer document Carefully Before Investing.


Don’t believe these fake advertisements.