8 Bollywood Stars who become Successful after so much of struggle

8 Bollywood Stars who become Successful after so much of struggle


8 Bollywood Stars who become Successful after so much of struggle : In our Bollywood Industry every star is not a star kid. Every star is not born in star family but here in Bollywood Industry has many of stars who did more sacrifice to become a shining star in Bollywood Industry. More of the actors and actress come from small towns, they are not belong to a star family and don’t have any kind of relation with any star and they made it large by doing hard work, scrifice and exceptional acting skills. Here we have some pictures of those Bollywood actors who went from being nothing to stars.

1Kangana Ranaut

Kangana was born in Rajput family and her family don’t allow to her profession. She had struggled many more with little earning and use to eat only bread an achaar.

2Nawazuddin Siddiqui

He was born in a small town with nine siblings and they had done many odd jobs and also had a job of chemist before become a star.

3Irrfan Khan

In his early carrier he was refused to get any pay as the  producer bluntly told him that his work doesn’t deserve any pay.

4Mallika Sherawat


Have you believe on that she belongs to a strict jat family from a small district of Haryana. She converted herself from Reema Lamba ti Mallika Sherawat.

5 Randeep Hooda

He has done many more odd jobs before become an actor. He has done odd jobs like working in Chinese restaurant, a car-washer, waited tables and even drove a taxi for two years.

6 Rajinikanth

At once time he was a bus conductor at the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation.

7Akshay Kumar

Khiladi of Bollywood convertad his name Rajiv Bhatia to Akshay Kumar . He had only an aim to be an actor and he made it large by done hard work and his own talent. There is no one to support in Bollywood.

8Boman Irani

Do you believe on that he had done a job as waiter in Taj Hotel and later he join his family’s bakery business.

9 Shahrukh Khan

He had no Bollywood background when he entered in the film industry and now have won the film industry with his talent and hard work. He deserves to be called as the King Khan of Bollywood.