Funny & Interesting Signs Board on the Road

Funny & Interesting Signs Board on the Road


Funny & Interesting Signs Board on the RoadWhile you drive on the road you ever seen many type of traffic signs and the signs which gives us many types of important instructions. Some of them are noticeable signs by peoples and some peoples are ignore them. We finds some interesting and funny signs also which waste our time wherever we go in the world. A responsible and sign follower person ever seen every important sign but sometimes it’s happen with them  that they saw a sign to know that are important and you will find it a funny and unimportant sign. Today we talking about the interesting signs which is so funny and unimportant.

A polite way to asking to go slow!

go slow down

Please, sit down and decide which way you go?

which way you go

We can’t understand why we noticed this sign!

have you notice it

Please, save the cockroaches!

save cockroaches

All are you reach home with you all body parts!

reach your home

If you try to read it, you got an accident!


Okay. And who’s gonna pay?