10 Different Ways To Use Toothpaste

10 Different Ways To Use Toothpaste


10 Different Ways To Use Toothpaste : We all use toothpaste to clean our teeth everyday. Have you ever think that toothpaste can use in many ways like stain remover, scratch remover, iron shiner etc. If you don’t know that don’t worry here we 10 different ways to use toothpaste in many ways. We give you the lovely and short ideas that can solve many short problems to you and even help to make your house clean. These lovely ideas can makes you problem free and that  is really useful ideas. If you have a stain on your fabric so don’ t worry it works also like a stain remover and use in many ways as i tell you before.

1Smell Remover from Hands

When we have a strong smell in our hands of foods like onions, potatoes, garlic etc toothpaste can help you to stay out of it. Rub your hands with toothpaste and get free of it.

2Remove The Bubble Spot

It also helps to get rid of water rings on wooden furniture and also back the shine of it.

3The Iron Shiner

When the clothes burns at the time of iron, the iron has some stain and the shine becomes dull than use toothpaste to make your iron sparkle.

4Remove Marker From Wood

Toothpaste helps to remove permanent marker stain from wood and get back the shine of wooden furniture.

5Fabric Stain Remover

We often get stain on our fabrics and we don’t have any idea to stay out of it.But here we have a short and simple idea, toothpaste on your fabric and get free from stain.

6Clean Piano Keys

Toothpaste not only a stain remover, scratch remover and helps to clean irons shiner but also helps to clean piano keys.

7Make Your Shoes Shine

Have you ever think that we can make white things make white again with the use of toothpaste but It also make the white part of sneakers white again.

8Scratch Remover on Phone

If you have a scratch on your phone than don’t worry for it. You should use toothpaste to remove the small scratch of your mobile phone.

9Remove Gum from Hair

Sometimes when we chew a gum and it falls on our clothes and  in our hair and we don’t have any idea to stay out of it  but toothpaste is proves helpful in it. use toothpaste to remove chewing gum in your clothes and hair also.

10Remove DVD’s Small Scratches

Toothpaste  proves helpful to removes small scratches on DVD’S and CD’S.


It’s amazing how many different types of household products you could get rid of, just by using toothpaste in their stead. So, grab that tube and get ready to tackle some chores!