10 Old School Things We Need to Get Back

10 Old School Things We Need to Get Back


10 Old School Things We Need to Get BackSome : Body says,” Life is too short to live. Leave all these moments so live happly and free”. Now a days we all are the part of busy and boring life. We all are busy to build our carrier, and don’t see our school days and passe. What a beautiful life is that we are free from all responsibilities and now our generation is also busy in facebook , twitter and whatsapp also. We should think about those days which was passed with our friends to do more funny and unforgettable things. Today we trying to remember you those 10 things which has been forgot by you and we need to do it again.

1Write a letter

In our past we writes letter to our grandparents, relatives and friends. But in these days the social  networking sites like facebook, twitter, whatsapp. take the seat of those days. So what you think now, go get your pen and start to write a letter to your grandparents and friends and make him feels special.

2Keep A Diary

We all are write a diary anywhere in our past it is the best thing to describe our feelings. We should start to diary today and write our feelings which we are not able to describe of others. we can write in it our wishes, of those places which we wants to travel.

3Have Morning Tea With Your Parents

Some of the youths don’t have time to sit and talk with their parents but they have time for their friends. So we have an idea for those youths, you can take morning tea with your parents and talk with them. So Don’t miss the opportunity and make feels special your parents.

4Read Books

We also read books means real books. we need to read real books of physical books  which has sensory satisfaction, cant match with e-reader.

5Unplug yourself

We need to unplug and discover ourself. Have you remember that last time when you have a moment for you far from all the technologies like mobile phones, laptop etc. We should have take some time in our busy schedule.

6Watch a sunrise & sunset

Have you ever see the beautiful sunrise and sunset. You should see it. it will fill you with peace. You have to wake up early in the morning to see the beautiful sunrise and take some time in your work when you are in your office go outside and see the sunset.

7Talk and Just Talk

We should remember our past when we are kids we talk with our friends, relatives and strangers also. But we don’t have time to talk long and interact anyone. We should stop and interact with people.

8Explore Places

When you go to your office have you ever see closely that beautiful places which you pass by everyday. We should leave our work and try to explore that beautiful places.

9Walk Barefoot On Grass

When we are kids, we play in gardens with our friends. But now we don’t have time to go even on the morning walk. If you have a garden you should  walk in it barefoot and take some time in morning to go on morning walk and it also good for your health.

10Do Nothing And Savour It

We should try it once to do nothing. It is some scary to listen but you should do it once and we don’t feel guilty about it.



Whatever camp you’re in, remember these 10 things about your counterpart the next time you feel the urge to hurl insults instead of busting a move on the dancefloor.