10 Ridiculous Superstitious Myths of Indian

10 Ridiculous Superstitious Myths of Indian


10 Ridiculous Superstitious Myths of Indian : This article carries the myths of old  fables in India which is  believe by Indian peoples blindly. We all grew up with these things. There are so many laughable and ridiculous myths in India, which has no meaning but still we believe in it. There are so many myths which believes by peoples like- cat cuts the road,don’t cut your nails at night, a mirror’s break, eyes twitching etc. Our country is the country of old superstitious which  believes by more peoples at a higher scale.  In every house you get different myth from the other. Some of those are truth and some are laughable. Here we telling you about the ridiculous myths and thoughts of our youths about it.

1Cats cuts your way is bad luck

Belief- The famous myth “when the cats the way than do not cross the road”.Peoples believes that it is a bad sign they thought that something will happen bad with us.

Logic:- In ancient times peoples do not cross the road when the cat cuts the way of those. They believe that something will be happen bad with us.Our youths says that the black cat  become in the ghost and kill us than we will called it The Cat Ghost”. The youths says that this is fake nothing is happening of it with anyone.

2Don’t Bath, cut nails and hair in Night

Belief- We don’t cut our nails and hair and bath in night. Than the bad spirits will come around us.

Logic- Youths do not believe on it even many youths bath and cut their nails at night. in ancient times it believes that the bad spirits come in night and attacked on them. But in modern time youths doesn’t believe on all that things.


3When the Mirror break

Belief:- when a mirrors break  it is a message that something happen wrong with us.

Logic:- our religious  county’s peoples are follows it madly since ancient times. It is most common today. there are two supernatural abilities 1. they bring a bad luck for us, 2. they help tell the future.

4Don’t wash hair on tuesday and saturday

Belief:-Don’t wash your hair on tuesday and saturday This is cut your brother’s life.

Logic:- There are so many superstitious about hair that when we wash them on tuesday and saturday, we cut our brothers life. There are many superstitious like when we cut our hair on sunday, the bad spirits will be with us hole week, cut hair on monday for health, cut on tuesday for wealth.

5When twitching eye

Belief:- Twitching right or left eye, it means some thing will be going on bad or good news.

Logic-If our left eye are twitch it brings a good news for woman, and right eye are twitch it good for men. But sometimes it twitch increase because of sleep and stress. These are based only on our understanding and where we are from.

6Hindu Woman During Menstrual

Belief:- Girls are not allowed in temple and kitchen during menstrual. Because they have impurities.

Logic-According to hindu custom girls are not allowed in temples and kitchen during menstrual. They don’t worshipping and cooking at that time. But we got the fact that it is the thing which is given by god to us. If we are take it on a biological way it is only a thing which every girl have from womens motherhood.So why we can say it impure?

7Hanging chilliy and lemon

Belief:- Peoples believes that when we hanging chilly and lemon at the door of our haouse or shop than we don’t have the “Buri Nazar” on those.

logic:-We have a scientific reason about it the smell of it  smells keep away the insects from the shop. Chilly and lemon which is put in to the cotton thread which is absorb the acid the fruit whilst it is fresh.

8Add one rupee to a gift is auspicious

Belief:-In india when we  goes in marriges and any party it we gives money. it is auspicious to add  one rupee coin.

Logic:- There are many reason to add one rupee coin in sum total, it  is  considered  auspicious to add a rupee in sum total. If we will not add it in total it will end in zero which indicates the end.

9Don’t sweep our house after sunset

Belief:- This is the common myth in India that we should not sweep our house after sunset.If we sweep our house after sunset it means The goddess lakshmi  will walk out from our house and poverty comes in.

Logic:-But the real reason is that behind it in ancient times there have no electricity ithere  they have the light of lamp like lalten but the light of lamp was not enough to saw any small gold ornaments at the time of sweeping our house and chances to sweep them with the dust.

10Animals Sacrifices for God

Belief:-In all over India we have the superstitious myth that the animals sacrifices by us makes god happy.In ancient times peoples cuts the animals to make god happy.

Logic:-There is no scientific reason of it yet. It is continue in india now.we said only that should not cut the animals on the name of god.



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