10 Superb Hacks about Body Language

10 Superb Hacks about Body Language


10 Superb Hacks about Body Language : When we meet  to our friends and relatives there are many condition are found in  which  we used our hands and face expressions to describe our things and some of those expression and our body language also are looks like very deeply by others. The body language is an only thing which teach us about other person. There are some voluntary gestures like hand shake, nodding your head in approval or rejection, winking and blowing a kiss etc. We don’t get attention about it. A body language makes by these gestures. If you want to about it deeply so don’t worry here we going to tell you about 10 body langauges which can teach you about other peoples.

1Eye Contact

When you meet a person you should have noticed that he make eye contact or not . A confident man ever makes a strong eye contact, if other person avoid you while talking and looks away way than this is sign that the person is hiding something to you.

2Watch For The Copy Cats

We all are see many person to do copying each other. These persons have many chances to have accommodation with the person whom they are copying. Some studies are says that they can be sexualy interested i them.

3Follow The Feet

We ever concentrate on upper body language but we should concentrate on lower body langauge also. If the man do fet tapping it indicates that the man is nervous or disturbed mind, If feet pointed in person direction the man interested in that person, Feet towards the door he wants to leave, uncomfortable, stretched and curled feet he is relaxed mind strate.

4Raising Eyebrow

When you talk someone you should have see their face expression and eyebrow. If the person is interested in your talks, there are chances that he will raise her eyebrow.

5Girl Photo Pose

A common girl wants to be look hot and in that condition you are realy confuse in  many unsettling thoughts most of the doubt to head.

6Hiding Hands

while you talk someone the other person often take their hands in their pockets, cross them back and in their lap. It indicates that the person trying to hide something from you and not want to tell you whole story.

7Rubbing Back Of The Neck

It shows that the person is comforting himself and not confident in what he is saying. In some person we saw these kind of signs like touching his/her face and collar which indicates that the person are confuse to tell you everything.

8Real Smile Or Fake Smile

While you met someone you saw sometime real smile or fake smile on others faces. Real smile is looking in the person’s eyes as twinkle and fake smile is stay for few seconds on person’s face and we cant see the twinkles in their eyes.

9The Flirting Moves

Flirting move are also a part of body language. In the flirting moves women’s arched back, hair flipping, normal touch and man’s chest out, sly smile, arms around the waist and touching that area.

10Open Or Defensive

When the person are open he has the body language like palm out, eye contact, calm body, heads nods and wrist are visible. If the person defensive the person in body language like nervous body, less eye contact, crossed arms and crossed legs.


Now this article will help you to know about the body language of peoples.