10 Tips to Prevent Dengue Fever

10 Tips to Prevent Dengue Fever


10 Tips to Prevent Dengue Fever : We all are aware of dengue and its harmful effects. It has stay in all time at a high level in our country. It transmitted by the bite of  mosquito  and the symptoms are see 3-14 days after bite on infants, young childrens, and adults. The mosquito of dengue are born into the water container. hold water in our house and around  our houses. We should keep our house clean change the water of water container, flower vases, animal water container atleast once in a week to prevent of dengue. We should clean our house’s outdoor places also.

10 Tipe to Prevent Dengue Fever

Dengue is not transmitted by person to person. The symptoms of it like mild fever, severe headache, pain behind the eyes, rashes, muscle and joint pain. People should rest and drink plenty liquor and take peracetamol to reduce fever and see the doctor. People in their houses has someone is ill with dengue, they should take more precautions to prevent mosquitoes they should have  wear full sleeeve clothes, doors and windows are close at night and sleep in the mosquito bed net to avoid the mosquito.

Here we give you 10 tips to prevents mosquito and dengue also. Here we tell you about  some places where are mosquitoes eliminated.

1. Dengue mosquito eliminated in rain gutters, buckets, plastic covers, old tyres and all those places where mosquitoes breed.

2.We should empty and change the water of plant trays, birdbaths, rain barrels and wading pools.

3.We should  fill and drain the temporary pools with dirt.

4. Keep circulated and treated the swimming pool.

5. To prevent mosquito entering we should cover all gaps of doors and windows.

6. It is need to make sure that  screens of doors and windows are working good.

7. Sleep in the bed net and cover the baby bed also with it.

8. Stay out of mosquito we should wear long sleeves shirts, long pants and socks.

9. Take your shirt in your pant and pant in your socks to hide the gaps of clothes to avoid of mosquitoes far from your skin.

10. We should stay in our houses at  the time of sunrise and sunset at evening and night because this time mosquitoes becomes very active.


All you need to know about this disease this season 10 Tips to Prevent Dengue Fever. Hope these tips would be helpful for you.