12 Ways Your Smartphone is Screwing your Body & Mind

12 Ways Your Smartphone is Screwing your Body & Mind


12 Ways Your Smartphone is Screwing your Body & Mind : There in our busy world no one who don’t have a cellphone. Every person have a cellphone because it used in our world by every person we don’t have anything without it. Cellphone become a part of our body now because everything we can do it, now we  also become a machine with the lots of use of it. Just imagine a thing earthquake is running on and you  are in your house so what is the first thing you put out first. Ofcourse  you put your cellphone first because can’t  live without it. Here we going to tell you about some diseases by cellphone which causes our health at a higher  number.


1It causes our arms very badly

When we   all are on the cellphone for a long time we feels that it has a pain in our arms.  sometimes we have a long pain in our fingertips while we type a message and sometimes it causes our soldiers also. It causes while we continues playing games and uses of internet.

2Cellphone causes our back pain and spinal

Cellphone causes our back pain and spinal also. Here we have a study from U.K. which describe that when the adults said  that they have a pain in their spinal and back it is the only one reason behind it CELLPHONE.

3Headache and eye straining also a reason of it

Sometimes the short font size of our cellphone soon becomes a reason  of eye straining dizziness and  blurred vision. All of these things are become the reason of head ache.


4Cellphone blue light causes sleep disorders

When we can’t sleep in night there is the reason of cellphone. Cellphone’s blue light  causes sleep including hormone melatonin. If you are sleep late and wake up hurry so the only one reason  of that, your p hone is defaulter for that.

5Cellphone increase our stress level

Our smartphone’s games take us at a new level of game but we don’t know it take us a stress level also. Cellphone made up stress and so more. Studies says that peoples are very careful about this fact.


6Accidents risk increases by cellphone

Many peoples in our world who are take a call while he riding their bikes and cars and people’s this tiny mistake change soon in  a huge mistake. Some peoples playing candy crush  at the time of red light. study says that most of the peoples do this and makes a big problem for them.

7Our phone’s dirtrness makes many diseases

We take our phone in  our dirty hands and called many diseases. We take it our dirty hands, and we breathe on it,  we put on it  at our sweaty faces, and take it our friends. All of these things called the disease likes cold, flu and etc.

8Its radiation causes our unborn baby

Womens use phone while they have pregnancy they makes a problem for her unborn child. Scientists says that the use of mobile is the reason of behavioural disorders in unborn child and its radiation  can become a reason of miscarriage.

9Radiation harmful for our DNA also

The radiation of our mobile phones is too harmful for our DNA. Radiation causes our brain cells at the stage of neurodegenerative diseases. It is also called a neurological disorder.

10We can get heart diseases by our phones

The radiation of our mobile phones sometimes become in heart diseases. Study tells us that radiation forces our blood cells to leakage our hemoglobin and this become a reason in the face of heart disease and soon we caused by heart attack and heart diseases also.

11We can loss our hearing power

We used our phone’s headphone for a long time and spend a lot of time on phone calls than we calls a disease for our ears named deafness. A person who spends a lot of time on phone than soon you caused by this disease.


12your phone can implode on you

You can’t think that your phones can transform in the exploded stuff. It causes by a bad charger,overheated phone, a bad battery. If we continue this things than soon we transform our phone in a little bomb.


These are the cause which you phone doing to you 12 Ways Your Smartphone is Screwing your Body & Mind. Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body at all times. Care for yourself and your friends & family.