14 Facts of Running is the Only Exercise You Need to Stay...

14 Facts of Running is the Only Exercise You Need to Stay Fit


14 Facts of Running is the Only Exercise You Need to Stay Fit : Running is the best exercise for our health and stay fit. Running is the only way to stay fit, slimmer body, longer life, better mood, lose weight, and good health also. Running is not gives us only slim body but in overall body fitness. Running is the only exercise which we can do everywhere. We should run abuot an hour daily. Running is help us in low cholesterol, high blood pressure, burn calories also. Here we have 14 reasons to stay fit which helps you to get healthier body and after read it we hope that you can think about run now.

1Running increase cardiovascular

If you want to increase cardiovascular fitness than running is the best option to stay out of it. Running for only an hour in a week help to reduce heart disease,high cholesterol and blood pressure.

2Running gives us the Energy

Running helps us to  burn 800 calories to run an hour in a week and walking reduce 300 calories. Now you should run to burn calories. you should walk about one and a half times as far.

3You can control your weight

We can control our weight loss for a long time. If  we walk about a mile we can bur about 100 calories of every mile.

4Running Increase The Peptide Hormone

When we  exercise, we want to eat a lot and burnt all hard work of exercise. If we do it, we have a chance to exalted levels of blood lactate and blood sugar because of the lower levels of the hormone peptide.

5A Weight Bearing Exercise

Running helps to weight lose, good health, build bones and strengthens the musculoskeletal system.

6Regular Running

Regular runing helps us to run easily and maintaining our energy levels. So we hve to run regular.

7Running Make Sleep Better

Running  make our sleep better because of exercise increase the body tmpreture.It increase isomania by decreasing arousal, anxiety and depressive symptoms.

8Running Regular Increase Stamina

Regular running helps to increase stamina and helps to building our leg’s muscle so we should run longer and faster.

9It Gives You Glowing Skin

Running gives us glowing skin also and keeping our healthy and our skin fresh.

10Running Improves Memory

we can protect us of  Alzheimer’s and improve our memory. It can increase the symptoms of dementia.

11Running Decrease the Risk of Cancer

Running is a healthier exercise and it also prevents cancer. women who running regularly they decrease the risk of breast cancer by 30%.

12Running Refresh Your Mood

Regular running make our mood fresh and relieves stress and get out of depression. Even a few minutes running helps to get out the hormones endorphins and makes our mood stressfree.

13Running Improves Lung Capacity

We all knows that our heart work is so important to provide oxygen to working muscle for energy production and increase volume, rate.

14Running Improves Our Immune System

Regular running reducing illness because it increases our capacity to fight of germs.


So Guys after reading this article Run as Much as you can. It can really help you.