20 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had A Name

20 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had A Name


20 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had A Name : We all have seen many unique things around this world but some tiny things make us shocking. Here we going to tell you about those 20 things which you never knew before. These 20 shocking things like box tent, petrichor, overmorrow, barm, vocable, interrobang, aglet, cornicrone, octothrope, punt, keeper, nurdle, lemniscate, desire path, dysania, collywobbles, muntin, carpulence, mondesreen, aphthongs. To know about it you can read this article .

1Box Tent

The box tent is a pizza saver and it has three legs and sometimes four legs. it is made by plastic and they are often white in colour.


The petrichor is a pleasent smell  produced to soil when the rain fall on the dry soil.


The foam and scum at the top of the liquor like beer and wine. We also see it on kaiser roll, sour mash and yeast in wine making.


It  means “the day after tomorrow. Here are five words related it like ereyesterday, the day after tomorrow, the day before yesterday, tomorrow, yesterday.


The words have no meaning and sounds by peoples like ‘na na nas’ and ‘la la las’ in song lyrics that don’t have any meaning.



It is the nonstandard punctuation mark intentioned to affix the function of interrogative point.



The coating of plastic or metal sheath used at he end of  shoelace, cord or drawstring.


It is the outer crispy part of a pizza and we calls it sometimes cornicione.


It is a commonaly used before a number and it is a pound (#) button on a telephone.


Punt is also known as the  kick up and it is the bottom of a wine bottle. The punt is the indent at the base of a bottle.


The loop on a belt that keeps the end in place after it has passed through the Buckle.


A tiny dab of toothpaste and it is also a term used in cricket. We can see it also on plastic particle water pollusion and microplastic.


The infinity symbol and in algebraic geomery it is a figure of ∞. I t is the word comes from latin.

14Desire Path

A path created by nature, because it is the “shortest or easy way to feel fresh and makes us happy.



When it  is  hard to get out of bed in the morning than we can call the stage dysania.

16 Collywobbles

The worst feeling in your stomach like rumbling stomach in short it seems butterflies in your stomach.


It is the strip of wood and metals separating window panes. Muntin is also called “muntin bars”, “glazing bars”, or “sash bars”.


That sick feeling from gluttony, very drunk and you get it after eating or drinking too much.


Mondegreen is a mishread song lyrics created by a person

20 Aphthongs

A letter  having no sound in pronunciation called silent words.




We do a lot of things in our daily routines, and now you are known to these words after reading this article.