25 Unbelievable Facts about India You Didn’t Know

25 Unbelievable Facts about India You Didn’t Know


25 Unbelievable Facts about India You Didn’t Know : India is land of traditions, customs and it is Gods raw land. Everyone has a deep belief towards God. In this article we have some unbelievable facts, I am sure you are not aware of. If you think that you know everything about India, then you are going on a wrong path, because the things you know about India may be wrong. Want to know that facts then scroll this page and shocking unbelievable facts about India.

1Hindi is not National Language of India

Hindi is not National Language of India

Source: Guruprasad.net

As per Indian’s who believe that Hindi is our National language, but it’s not true because Hindi is not our National Language. There are 20 official languages including hindi. Official language is that which a country uses to communicate on an official level.

2India don’t have a National Game

Hindi is not National Language of India

Source : fih.ch

It’s not hockey and definitely not chess. In an RTI reply, the centre said that there is no National game.

3Man Demand Gender Equality

Man Demand Gender Equality

Source: wearethecity

There are places in India where man demands for gender equality for themselves. In some places in India where man and woman got married and here man moves to his in-laws house not the woman. Khasi and the matrilineal Muslims in Minicoy, Lakshadweep are some of the examples.

4World’s Fastest Growing Cities

World's Fastest Growing Cities

Source: citymayors

These cities make it to the list of World’s Fastest Growing Cities and urban areas from 2006 to 2020

5Bear Grylls wanted to join The Indian Army

Bear Grylls wanted to join The Indian Army

Source: wikipedia

Bear Grylls the famous man from the show Man vs Wild which telecast on Discovery. He always wanted to do something adventurous in his life and when he completed his school, first thing he wants to do was to join Indian Army.

6USB was developed by an Indian

Bear Grylls wanted to join The Indian Army

Source: handelsblatt

Ajay V. Bhatt is the man behind USBs and Indian-American Computer architect. You can also credit him for AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port), PCI Express, Platform Power management architecture and various other chip-set improvements.

7Actor Benedict Cumberbatch as English teacher

Bear Grylls wanted to join The Indian Army

Source: pbs.org

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch volunteered as an English teacher at a Tibetan monastery in Darjeeling, India. The actor, famous for portraying the role of Sherlock, took an year gap to teach English in Darjeeling.

8Calculus and Trigonometry came from India

Calculus and Trigonometry came from India

Source: sf.co.uk

Yes its true Calculus and Trigonometry was invented in India.

9Kumbh Mela is Visible from Space

Source: shehjar

The gathering at the Kumbh Mela is so large that it is visible from the space

10World’s Largest School

World's Largest School

Source: cmseducation

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the City Montessori School in Lucknow, India, had 39,437 pupils and 2,500 teachers on December 29, 2011.

11Rajma is not as Indian as we think

Source: how.tomake.in

Kidney beans came to India from Mexico and became an important part of our cuisines.

121.4 Million Indian Railways Employees

Source: wordpress

Indian Railways has more than 1.4 million employees. That’s more than the population of Trinidad and Tobago, Estonia, Mauritius, Bahrain, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco and Vatican City.

13India the Largest English Speaking Country

Source: usvisatalk

India has the largest English-speaking population in the world after USA. And only 11.38% of people in India know the language.

14India’s first rocket was transported on a bicycle

Source: DD

India’s first rocket was transported on a bicycle (1963) and the first satellite on a bullock-cart (1981)

15India’s space program

Source: sbs.com

Despite budgetary constraints, India’s space program is one of the top 5 space programs in the world

16Actor Ben Kingsley’s Birth Name

Source: Richardcrouse

Actor Ben Kingsley’s birth name is Krishna Pandit Bhanji and he is of Indian descent. In a career spanning over 40 years, he has won an Oscar, Grammy, BAFTA, two Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards.

17Pentium Chip was invented by an Indian

Source: youtube

Vinod Dham is also called the Father of the Pentium chip for his contribution to the development of highly successful Pentium processors from Intel.

18Buttons were invented in India

Source: vegmomos

Yes, all the buttons we uses was invented by India.

19Invention of Plastic Surgery

Source: parentcircle

We played a major role in the invention and development of Plastic Surgery. Sushruta, an ancient Indian surgeon, made important contributions to the field of plastic and cataract surgery in 6th century BC. The medical works of both, Sushruta and Charak originally in Sanskrit later spread. British physicians travelled to India to see rhinoplasties being performed by native methods.

20India was Official Place for Diamonds

Source: alwaysbettertogive

Until 1986, India was the only official place where Diamonds were found

21Dolphins as ‘non human persons’

Source: acuteday

Dolphins are extremely intelligent animals who also display culture, which was long-believed to be unique to humans. And that is exactly why The Government Of India declared that they must be treated like we treat humans. Captive Dolphins are also banned in India.

22India is the Largest Producer of Movies

Source: Pinterest

Shocked! but its true that India is largest producer of movies which includes Bollywood, Kollywood and all other movie industries.

23Personalised postage stamps in India

Source: blogspot

One can easily get their picture stamps only in India.

24The Highest Cricket Pitch in India

Source: mystateinfo

Chail in Himachal Pradesh is the highest cricket pitch in the world
It is situated at an elevation of 2444 meters, above the sea level.

25Samosa is not an Indian Dish

Samosa is not an Indian Dish

Source: siguemirasto

Samosa’s are popular all over the world but originated in Central Asia.


India is an Incredible country and make it more Incredible by doing more good to it. Hopu you love the article on 25 Unbelievable Facts about India You Didn’t Know. Keep in touch.