4 Body Reaction When You Skip Meals

4 Body Reaction When You Skip Meals


4 Body Reaction When You Skip Meals : You all are already saw that what happened with our body when we ever skip meals. The muscles of our body start to breakdown and energy become low. Food gives us energy to do work all day so we shouldn’t skip meals.  You also know better which is better for you fasting or not fasting. It increase our energy level also and for cancer  and diabetics patient it is important that they takes meals and fast at correct time, skip your meals and fast production growth factor. Here we going to tell you 4 body reactions when we skip meals and fast.

1Breaking Down Muscle

Its starts to our muscles breaking down ten to twelve hours after taking last meal. Our bodies glucose also used up and our body has find its energy by itself. science has also search on it that when we skip our meal and fast what happened with our body and what reactions has take by it. It also tells us that it may be many benefits when we eat.

2Hungry Mode On

Food has many benefits like it has vitamins, carbohidrates, fat, glucose etc. Without these our body’s energy level got down and without glucose our body starts the starvation mode. our hormones produced and make us want to eat more than one. But our metabolism didn’t accept it because it is lowered too, and than the food won’t turn in the right way.

3Brain Is Hyper Activated

When we got our meal once our mind is starts fasting too. Lion and wolves get their meal once in a day and their mind fasting too, they didn’t get meal three in a day. Like it when we gets our meal once our brain is hyper activated and our brain’s activity starts increasing. In the lab it also shows that alternate day fasting helps in to make new brain cells.

4Happy Ageing

Fasting is good for our health and also for our life. Science also proves that fasting is increase our life and its quality. Skipping meals and fast cause as irritation, anger, lack of energy and will not help to lose your weight. intermittent fasting is may be good for your health scientist is  also searching on that. Skipping meals and fast breaking down our muscles, lack of energy,and our heart can’t be able to pumping blood also.