4 Foods to avoid before Sleeping

4 Foods to avoid before Sleeping


4 Foods to avoid before Sleeping : Hello friends, Most of us tend to lose sleep over stressful situations, so our last meal of the day, should not be one of the reason for our sleepless nights. Whatever we choose before going to bad can have an impact on how you rest. What you choose to eat before going to bed can drastically affect our sleeping patterns. In fact, you have ever heard that eating late at night will undoubtedly cause you to gain weight. Even we eat some food which can’t be able to eat after 7 p.m. and can actually increase your fatloss results. Here we bring for you an article  of 4 Foods to avoid eating before Sleeping.

1Dark chocolates

Dark chocolates have cancer prevention agents so it is not so smart to have dark  chocolate before going to bed. It contains the stimulants caffeine and theobromine that can meddle with your sleep. These mixes can energize your sensory system and keep you hurling and turning for a considerable length of time in the night.


It can causes your health to have dessert at the night before you going to bed. You  probably have frozen yogurt as dessert which have sugar and fat in dessert can bring about acid reflux, which can keep you wakeful.


Pasta is not be able to have at night  because it  has a high glycemic file which implies it can bring about a spike in your glucose levels and keep you conscious around evening time and pasta is all sugar also so it is not good to take at night.


Who can stop you to have one cut of pizza but it’s layers of sauces and the greasy garnishes in a pizza can trigger corrosiveness and acid reflux and lead to discomfort. Sop you should not be have pizza at night if you take care of your health.