6 Food combination That Could make you really sick

6 Food combination That Could make you really sick


6 Food combination That Could make you really sick : Food is only a thing which gives us nutritional support. It contains many nutrients like vitamins, carbohidrates, minerals, protines and fats which gives us the power. Food is our necessary which  makes us ready to fight of bad cells.Some peoples lives for food but some foods and a lot of food are proves bad for our health. Some foods makes us sick and discomfort to our health. But actully we can feel discomfort because of some food combination. Here are some food combination which makes us sick and we should never try it if we want to take care to our health.

1Mint + Aerated drinks

We see many times that when we drop of mint into a can of soda it makes a foamy fountain.We Use the can to make foaming more spectacular than if you drop the soda into a glass because of the small opening. If these two things combination makes the foamy fountain than think if we drink it than what’s happening with our stomach.

Mint + Aerated drinks

2Morel Mushrooms + Alcohol

Morel mushrooms can makes an allergic reaction because it contains several toxins. If we eat it with the alcohol than it will intercept the digestion of alcohol. During it we causes the disease like vomiting and abdominal pain.

Morel Mushrooms + Alcohol

3Watermelon + Milk

It causes a chemical reaction in the gastric region of the digestive system and causes our stomach over distend of gas.So if we drink milk after eating watermelon than these things  can make us discomfort.

Watermelon + Milk

4Papaya + Water

We eat something and than we have a habit to drink water. But it is proves harmful for our health that we drink water after eating papaya. If we do it than we can causes the digestive system. We should not drink water after eating watermelon and cucumber and papaya also.

Papaya + Water

5Eggs + Milk

This combination can proves for our body very harmful because the unique structure of these things makes problem in digest together. We can causes  the digestive problem when we drink milk after eating eggs.


6Vinegar + Tea

This combination can performs so badly for our body and our digestive system. This makes the position of costiveness and  abdominal pain. So we shouldn’t take it together.

Vinegar + Tea



So keep this instructions in your mind 6 Food combination That Could make you really sick and don’t make yourself sick.