7 Interesting Facts About Malaika Arora Khan

7 Interesting Facts About Malaika Arora Khan


7 Interesting Facts About Malaika Arora Khan : Hello Friends, Here today we have an awesome article about stunning Malaika Arora Khan. We have 7 intresting facts about Malaika Arora Khan which you never ever know before. Malaika continue to rocks the Bollywood Industry of giving many a number item songs till today which are full of their amazing hot and sexy dance moves and she become a heart beat of all her fans and everyone’s heart because of their item songs. As you know in India’s Got Talent she played an important role in all  judges and become everyone’s favorite judge. So Malaika’s fans ready to know their hiding shocking facts.

Do you believe on that Malaika didn’t wanted to become an actress.


Malaika fell in love of their husband at the shoot of a coffee add and both are fell in love of eachother from that day.


When she was at the age of 4, she started her dance training.

malaika dancing

Malaika is very careful and protective about her sister Amrita Arora.

amrita mallaika


Malaika is a huge fan of Bollywood’s amazing dancing star Hritik Roshan and he is her favorite Bollywood danger also.


She also works out thrice in a week instead of having a diet.