7 Reasons Vegetarians live longer Then Non Vegetarians

7 Reasons Vegetarians live longer Then Non Vegetarians


7 Reasons Vegetarians live longer Then Non Vegetarians : Research shows that vegetarians live longer and healthier overall compared to meat abstainers. Having a vegetarian diet they have lower blood pressure. Children who has a vegetarian diet get the right amount of nutrients and on the other hand  research also shows that vegetarian at the stage of iron deficiencies. So it is important that you get the right amount of nutrients. But apart from all that  vegetarian may live longer. If you have any doubt about it so don’t worry here we have the 7 reasons of vegetarians live longer hope that they will be help you to clear your doubt.

1Low Blood Pressure

The latest research describe that not only the vegetarians have low blood pressure but also the peoples who get vegetarian diets they could used to lower blood pressure. But vegetarian diet is good for our health also.

2Lower Risk Of Death

Who get vegetarian diet this proved by the study of 2013 that they have lower risk of death compared to meat abstainers. The study  found 70,000 people who have have only 12% risk of death. The vegetarians have lower risk of all diseases also.

3Better Moods

It is proves by the research of 2012 that who have vegetarian diet they have better mood. The study have three diet’s people meat only, fish and vegetarian and they found into ll three diets that the vegetarian diet have the better mood improvements.

4Less Chance Of Heart Diseases


Who has vegetarian diet they have less chance of heart diseases. The study of 2013 was also found in 44,ooo people that the vegetarian diets peoples have 32% less chances to have heart diseases.

5Lower Chances of cancer

Vegetarian diet’s peoples have lower risk to have cancer because vegetarian diet have protective benefits. The researchers of california studied in different version and proves that they have lower risk of cancer who have vegetarian diet. But the study didn’t prove’s clearly and it’s continue still yet.

6Lower Risk Of Diabetes

Peoples have vegetarian diet have lower risk of  death, cancer, heart diseases and diabetes also. Peoples have lower risk of it and help in blood sugar level control and maintain weight also.

7Less Likely To Be Overweight

Vegetarian are leaner than the meat abstainers and they  have lower cholesterol and body mass index. The research is also proves that vegetarian diet can help to weight loss and better for maintaining weight. Vegetarian get right amount of nutrients for their growing bodies because of vegetarian diet.


Eat Healthy, Live Healthy and Long.