7 Tips to avoid in your 20’s for healthy life from Heart...

7 Tips to avoid in your 20’s for healthy life from Heart Disease


7 Tips to avoid in your 20’s for healthy life from Heart Disease : We should take care of our heart because it will take care of us in future. “Early prevention is better than cure later”. When adults came at the age of 20s they comes close of those things fastly which will harmful for our future life and causes many disease. At 20s we can’t be able to go far from all these things because we founds the environment  of that around us wherever we goes like party, friends, college and their students.  We should avoid all those things which is harmful for our health and it also causes heart diseases. Here we have 7 tips avoid in 20’s and save your future life from heart diseases and all kind of diseases.


We should avoid smoking because it has nicotine in higher rate which has 30 percent higher chance to have cardiac disease. We should avoid second hand smoke and smoking also for our healthy future.


It’s all knows but some adults are forget for sometime and drink to spoil their future. We should drink sensibly and avoid contraceptive pills too because they alter blood sugar and  blood pressure also.

3Eat Healthy

Adults don’t follow their mom’s advice and don’t get healthy food. Junk foods are easy to get for adults instead of healthy food. Junk foods are high in trans fat and saturated which contributes  obesity.


As we know we should do exercise everyday because it keeps you away from diseases  but also be strong you for sports and adventure. we should practice of muscle strengthening activities at least two days in a week.

5Health Checkups

We should checkup our hemoglobin and blood pressure time to time Because if their is any problem so we can correct it before too late.

6Family History

If in our family history any type of cardiac issue earlier so we should aware of it all and treat sensibly to prevents all risks.

7Long Term Stress

It tiny thing is proves. so harmful for our health because long term stress and unfriend stress are increase heart rate and blood pressure and can damages the artery walls also.

So keep smile and live happy.