9 Weird facial cleanups from around the World

9 Weird facial cleanups from around the World


9 Weird facial cleanups from around the World : Human being are more conscious about their beauty from ancient times and they are ready to do anything to look beautiful forever. When you go to salon you got many type of clean ups which gives you the the beautiful looking skin. But have you got a bizzare type facial tricks which is full of wierd things from all around the world. No, right. Here we have 9 facial clean ups like Bird poop facial, Leech therapy face lift, vampire facial, bee vemon mask etc it is so wierd but able to gave you a beautiful skin.

1Bird Poop Facial

First in the list of weird facial clean ups is the bird poop facial. It is use of makes actual nightingale bird faces dried, to get a clear porcelain complexion, sanitized and powered beautiful skin.

2Planceta Face Mask

Have you ever thought that a face mask of planceta are beautify your skin. You don’t believe it but it’s happen. The face mask infused with the stem cells of sheep. The Hollywood beauty, JLo fan of it madly.

3Vampire facial

In this therapy blood is taken out from arms and than put into your face.The Kardashian  Queen  used it in history.

4Leech therapy facelift

What a weird therapy it is. In this  therapy live leeches are  put on the tummy which is help to remove the toxins. The leech saliva which is around the persons tummy used as a face mask.

5Bee venom mask

In it the bee vemon applied on the face and it thinks that it has been stung by the bee.  To use it the body start to  send more blood to the face and production the natural collagen and elastin- proteins and as a result skin becomes smooth and toned.  which is also called bee stung facial.

6Snail spa

It is believed that snail’s the trail of mucus which is snail leave behind, have antioxidants and proteins which is good for skin. Some people use it to have beautiful skin.

7Caviar face pack

It is raw eggs of fish and also comes in the expensive food items list. It has high power of antioxidants and nutrients. Some peoples use direct on the skin and some use it as a face pack.

8Urine facial

Have you ever heard that humans urine has been a cosmetic product also. Some peoples are use it directly on their face as a face mask. It is said that it used to removed blemishes from ancient times.

9Breast milk facial

It is also use as a face cleanup because it has nutrients at higher rate. It works good for new born babies even good for our skin also.