Indian Foods That don’t belong to India

Indian Foods That don’t belong to India


Indian Foods That don’t belong to India : Friends, You have been eating and drinking  them all in your life without knowing the actual origins. Here we have today a delicious article of Indian Foods That Are Not Actually ‘INDIAN’. Here  Have you think that which Indian food you get it really is not Indian dish. Here in India a lot of dishes which is not from India they really is a gift of other country to us. Few of the peoples know properly about it that the dish they get which country it belongs. Here we have some dishes which is not Indian but gifed by another country to us.


The famous dish and the famous tea time snack is eaten by you all but have you know that from which country is it. Samosa is coming from Middle-east, define as Sambosa. It comes in India 13th-14th century by the traders from middle east.

2Indian Chinese

A pure chinese food have rice as a main food with noodles and the other chinese dishes have soya sauce, herbs, seasonings, vegetables, herbs and tofu and most of the chinese foods are not vegetarian. Instead of it in India  every Indian wants to have it as they like. Indians are make it their own way with all masalas and desi tadka.

3Gulab Jamun

The favorite sweet of every Indian comes from Mediterranean and Persia where it is called ‘ luqmat al gadi’. Round sweet balls deep fried and soaked in honey syrup and decorated with sugar. In India as all knows It call Gulab Jamun deep fried, soaked in honey syrup and decorated with dry fruits.

4Chai (Tea)

Every Indian grab it and loves to have it with biscuit in morning, breakfast time and evening and at the time you like. So, All chai lovers are you ready for the shocking news which we thinks that Chai is Indian but it really comes from china.


Whenever we heard the sweet name of jalebi we have watering in our mouth and have a orange colour image of it in our brain. Everyone thinks that The delicious sweet jalebi is comes from Persia and the Arabic region.

I know that your mouth also watering and you are want to have some Desi Mithai or Samosa. So, What kind of wait you have go and grab something and have fun of some Meetha or Namkeen