Top 10 Best Natural Antibiotics

Top 10 Best Natural Antibiotics


Top 10 Best Natural Antibiotics : Natural Antibiotics works like a health miracle for our body. It help us  to reduce bacterial infection, but many peoples uses drugs to their body’s infection. There is a many bad reaction of using a lot of drugs. It has many negative side effect. They kill our good bacteria, mess up our digestive system, and make a powerful bacteria which is so harmful for our health. So we should use only natural antibiotics instead of drugs. Natural antibiotics are like a wonder of modern medicine. Here we have 10 natural antibiotics which uses helps you to kill bacterial infection of your body.


Honey is a small antibiotic which is find in  your kitchen simply. It is more helpful to  remove toxins and make your liver efficiently.It is really a infection fighter.

2Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

It can help us in everything like manage our weight, riski of cancer. We can use it in many ways sunburn, aftershave, insect bites, facial toner, inflamassion, fungus, stomach ache etc.

3Fermented Foods

Fermented foods helps us to digestive difficulties,illness and allergies ,sugar/carb cravings, and other inflammatory disorders.

4Oil Of Oregano And Other Herbs

We can use it in the treatment of acne, skin problems, common cold and sinusitus, wounds and digestive upset.

5Grapefruit Seed Extract

We can use it as a cleanser, virul, fungus infection, yeast infection, first aid treatment mentsalso. It really proves good for our skin and body wellness.


We always use it to make food tastier we can use it as medicine also. Garlic’s cover of supplements made the clove are used for medicine. It can used in many condition like high cholesetrol, blood pressure, heart diseases and heart attack also.


Echinacea plant’s part like flower, roots and leaves are used as medicine. It can use in first aid tereatment, common cold, fight infection, urinary tract infection, flu, typhoid, malaria, yeast infection etc.

8Coloidol Silver

Coloidol silver is a silver and it is also used for lung condition, skin condition, high fever, gum disease and siuses. It is a mixture of silver articles.


Many peoples don’t know that how many  nutrional facts in it. A fresh, dark and leafy cabbage is low in fat,calories and very nutritional. It is a good source of vitamin c what we need everyday.

10Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

It has many benefits like support immune system, cholesterol, thyroid, help keeps diabetes in check, reduces heart disease, kills candida, nourishing for the brain, good for the skin, help with weight loss etc. It is safe for external and internal uses and a unique gift from nature.



These foods and herbs haven’t lost their ability to fight bacteria. Bugs do not become immune or resistant to them. From hundreds of years ago to our modern time, what worked then still works today.