World’s 10 Scariest Food which can do Damage to our Bodies

World’s 10 Scariest Food which can do Damage to our Bodies


World’s 10 Scariest Food which can do Damage to our Bodies : We all saw many kind of dishes which is beautiful in looking and tasty but have you ever see the food which is looking scariest and so dirty and wierd. In all over the world many cities where’s cultural food are so scary that can causes our body with many diseases. Peoples travel in  many cities and want to taste the cultural food of every city, Peoples like to eat all kind of food today. There are all kind of food  with all kind of peoples to eat that but we should eat some food very because after taking these scary food we call many disease to our body.


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Tuna is the food of America and it tastes like sandwich. If we eat it once the mercury it contains creates many diseases. It also travels into our brain which calls psychological problems.


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It mostly eaten in the Philippines. It is a half formed bird of duck. It looks so scary because it’s half formed bird is clearly see but it can’t be  bad for your body.


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I hope you ever see and eat potatoes but you know that the russian’s potatoes can causes many diseases like diarrhoea, headaches, coma and even cause death and psychological problems.


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Nutmeg is a small thing which causes many vast diseases like psychosis and urine retention. It can causes our body very badly.

5Ackee Fruit

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Ackke is a fruit which found in jamaica. Peoples have it in their diet, it has vitamin A, zinc and proteins. It has a toxin which causes vomiting and even it can cause death and coma also.


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Sannakji is a live octopus dish of korea. It is made by nakji, is a live baby octopus. It looks so scary and it can cause asphyxiation.

7Casu Marzu

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It is a traditional dish of sardinian mader by sheep cheese served in parties. It has live Maggots which is there from birth. In spite of it being illegal. It causes a severe vomiting, diarrahoea and cramps.

8Monkey Brain

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Have you ever know that the brain of monkey can be eatable. China’s peoples like to eat monkeys brain and it can give us a mad cow diseases which can causes us of many psychological problems.

9Silver stripe Blaasop Fish

It is so tasty to eat and eaten in maditerranean cities. It has toxins which proves harmful for our health. It  causes diseases like paralysis and even death also.

10Raw Honey

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Somebody right says that “Honey is straight from the jar, not straight from the Hive”. Maditerranean honey has grayanotoxin which causes sesvere vomiting, headaches and sweating.


Above we have a list of some foods World’s 10 Scariest Food which can do Damage to our Bodies, which you should not eat often.