10 Simple Tips Which Makes you Beautiful & Confident

10 Simple Tips Which Makes you Beautiful & Confident


10 Simple Tips Which Makes you Beautiful & Confident : We all knows that to look beautiful we need some branded clothes and some branded makeup products. But if you have a pimple at your beautiful and clean face than one pimple make your look so bad and ugly. Our clean skin makes our looks attractive even we have a pimple we looks attractive with the help of a confident smile. Sometimes we have acnes and black heads and infection also with red and ugly pimples. But don’t worry we  have some simple and easy steps which can helps you to removes pimples, acnes, blackheads and other related things of it.

1Eat Healthy

Our elders always says that the cosmetic products don’t give our skin that which is really need us. Than the experience of our elders proves better for us and according to him we need to get a healthy diet for a healthy and clean skin.We also eat some fruits and vegetables.

2Apply Toothpaste

When we have pimples we don’t need to go out and purchased some special products because we also have a treatment item in our house. Use toothpaste as treatment at pimple which helps to remove your red and ugly pimple but don’t use red and gel toothpaste use only blue and green strips once.

3Don’t smoke

We don,t do smoking while we have pimples at our face because smoking makes our skin looks older and help in grow wrinkels and it makes our blood vessels narrow in the outside layers of skin.

4Eat Spicy

If you love spicy food and love spicy food so it has a healthy reason that you are like spicy food.

5Tip to remove blackheads

We have a easy and simple tip to removes pimples and blackheads. We can massage with lemon, water and salt. Its a very easy and simple tip.

6Wash your face regular

We should wash our face regularly and use a mild claenser at the time of face wash.It is so important thing to wash our face and removes dirt, oil, dead cells germs.

7Apply ice cube

We should apply ice cube while we have pimples at our face because it soothes skin and helps to removes pimples. It reduces redness and swelling also.

8Apply Honey

Apply honey at your face which helps to removes pimples and acne and makes your skin glossy too.Apply honey for 15-30 minutes and than wash it out.

9Use Baking soda

Apply baking soda with lemon juice to removes pimple. Its a simple and easy finded thing in our houses kitchen. It works both as acid and as a base.

10Take a chill pill

We should live stress free and do yoga or meditation to live stress free and pimple free.Stress makes our face tired and stressful.


Hope this article help you in your health issues. 10 Simple Tips Which Makes you Beautiful & Confident. Apply the tips which have given belo.