10 Snacks which are Unhealthy for you

10 Snacks which are Unhealthy for you


10 Snacks which are Unhealthy for you : Hello Friends, Sometimes you get food without fully aware about it and it does not proves so healthy for your body. Some of you are always follow a healthy diet but sometimes you have it to know that it is so healthy for your health but it doesn’t really happen so. Sometimes we get some snacks  to know consider it healthy but it has more calories, so it gives you a lot of fat if you get it continuously. Here we have 10 Snacks You Think Are Healthy But Actually Aren’t. So let’s see below and make your diet healthier.

1Whole wheat wraps

You have it to know it’s healthy but it’s really not. It has stuffing like cheese, chicken etc which is not so healthy as you know and also have 300 calories (which according to its brand).

2Skim Milk

In whole milk we found vitamin A and D and our body can’t be able to absorb it until there is no fat. Those vitamins are important to absorb protein and calcium. Protein  and calcium are absorbed by vitamins when the fat is removed. skim milk also creating the same process and it proves unhealthy for your heart. it has adding milk solids which created a  high-heat process which oxidizes the naturally occurring cholesterol in milk.



when ever you have  smoothies from the grocery store you think that it is nice but it’s not. It really have 650 to 1000 calories than a cheeseburger. It’ added with  fruit, vegetables, and  simple sugars and syrups which has more calories. Instead of it the home made smoothies are so healthy.

4Diet sodas and drinks

Have you know that diet sodas and drinks contains artificial sweeteners. If we have it in great quantity your weight can be increase.

5Fruit Juice

If you get packed fruit juice, it may be causes obesity, bad cholesterol, poor appetite control, etc.because it has added sugar and fructose.

6Frozen Yogurt

If you have frozen yogurt over ice cream so it can be really a healthy choice. If you choose right kind of yogurt and toppings so it becomes healthy. If you get it with more fat toppings so it equal as any ice cream.

7Sport Drinks

If you think that it helps you replenish electrolytes and carbs so you think wrong because it’s only as sugar water and contain  30g sugar/serving.


It has trans fat and sugar and if you have it so you increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. You should have it in a  very small portions.

9Whole wheat bread

It can make you fat if you have it as large quantity because Dark bread has corn syrup and trans-fats so it’s not healthy as you think.

10Fast Food Salads

Cheese burger is better than sugar-laden salad dressings, croutons made from refined white flour or white flour pasta.