10 Useful Beauty Tips for You

10 Useful Beauty Tips for You


10 Useful Beauty Tips for You : Hello friends, Every girl wants to look more beautiful ever as another. They are knows what beauty is all about. she knows that which type of skin they have. To use which cream their skin will look younger, which beauty product suits their skin, and which product spoil their skin.  All  girls knows what they should do to keep their skin healthier and shiny and also younger looking. But some girls are not aware all of that and even who aware of that they also are make some mistakes in it. For those we have some unsaid beauty tips which you worth reading and must apply by you.

1Avoid applying Mascara

You look beautiful when mascara doesn’t overshadow your face. Applying Mascara to lower eyelashes makes you feel over made up.

2Wash your face every night

You should wash your face every night because they removes all the dirt and oil on your face and helps to prevent wrinkels and tanning.

3Soap dries skin

You should not uses bar soap because dries your skin and dry skin attracts more skin problems.

4Powder foundation on Lipstick

If you get powder foundation on lipstick than the lipstick won’t go away easily.

5Blush right

Applying blusher more makes you a pink flamingo.

6 Avoid going to bed with Makeup

You should avoid going to bed with makeup. You should wash your face before sleeping.

7Moisturizer helps to reduce wrinkles

To apply moisturizer on your face in upward and circular motions reducing wrinkles.

8Vaseline Cheap Moisturizer

You can apply vaseline a cheap moisturizer and easily available in market.

9Cold water

Wash your face with cold water twice a day. It helps you to beautiful look throughout the day and it keeps the pores tight.

10Makeup Removal

Dip a cotton or soft cloth in baby oil and use it to remove makeup. Baby oil is the best makeup removals.