12 Stunnig Everyday Gadgets that will Amaze you

12 Stunnig Everyday Gadgets that will Amaze you


12 Stunnig Everyday Gadgets that will Amaze you : Friends, we all are live in a modern world and there are  a lot of everyday gadgets around our life. You also have many gadgets in your life which helps to save our time and  to do work on time and have them our life is become so easier. In this modern world our everyday gadgets are become so cool and in a modern way. Here are Awesome Everyday Gadgets. They have trendy design and a smart look and just a seamless blend of form and function which makes them useful and according to our modern world they are the piece of art.

1Transparent TV

Yes, you hear right here is a tansparent TV. It is a modern concept of modern world. It is designed by Michael Friebe with the conventional LCD features with the latest TOLED display, which creates a visually stunning picture.

2Stylish & Smart House Lock

It is a smart and house lock. It is a bluetooth power lock and a modern technical piece uses virtual keys.

3Wooden Keyboard

Have you ever think that  the keyboard can be make by wood. It is crafted wooden keyboard by artisans of OREE. It looks same as keyboard and delight look and use.

4Hi-Tech Retro Speaker

Here is a Hi – Tech Retro Marshal Speaker has everything a brilliant sound quality and a smart look. It also accept multiple audio sources and connect via bluetooth.

5Pocket Camera

It is a Polaroid Snap camera which prints without ink and has nostalgia and sleek modern design. It need one press to shutter release and It uses Zink zero-ink paper embedded with cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals and gives us  small, 2×3-inch borderless print.

6Nanoleaf LED Light Bulb

It may be  a the most energy efficient light bulb. It gives same amount oh light as 100wt bulb but less in energy.

7The Hand Crafted Stylus

It is a wooden pencil by 53 for your ipad. It has no buttons and looks like a traditional carpenter’s pen.

8Sleek Liquid Heating Rod

It is a stylish sleek liquid heating road which heat liquid without wasting resources.

9Lavilating Lamp

The Lavilating Lamp by vat 19 is a floating lamp. It’s base supports the lightweight lamp shade with the help of camouflaged magnetic disc floats above the base around one inch.

10USB Light Bulb

The USB light Bulb is a portable laptop bulb. Plug it into any USB port to turn it on. It’s thin electrical conduit easily supports the weight of the bulb.

11Monitor with Print Screen

It’s Called Document Extractor designed by Byeong Min Choe. It is a monitor become printer. It solves a problem to save space on the desk.

12Little Action Camera

It is a Polaroid Cube little action camera to catch life’s little moments in fly. We can use it to snapping pictures, as a dashboard camera and to capture HD resolution Videos.