20 Cleaning Hacks for your Rescue

20 Cleaning Hacks for your Rescue


20 Cleaning Hacks for your Rescue : Hello Friends, Diwali is coming and you will have start shopping for Diwali also from now. Some of you are even get clean your house For Diwali. But everyone faces some difficulties to clean their home’s things like water stain on the tap, shower or glasses, expensive crockery, Cleaning blinds, dusty candles, fridge, scratches on the lather sofa etc. To clean these things you get pain in your back but these stains are like same as before. Hey,don’t worry. Here we have some cleaning hacks that will make your life much easier. These cleaning hacks helps you to clean your home for Diwali or everytime also.

1Remove the hard water stains

Vinegar proves so helpful to clean your expensive crockery. Only dip a soft piece of cloth in vinegar and rub all the stains clean.

2Clean your blinds

Get an old socks and wear it in your hands than dip it into a solution of water and vinegar and rub the blinds. You can use another sock to wipe them dry.

3Clean dirty dishes

To remove burnt marks on your dishes use baking soda.

4Clean your dirty keyboard

Clean your keyboard with toothbrush and cotton swab and say goodbye to all those hidden dust particles.

5Clean the microwave

To clean your microwave fill half the glass with water and put some slices of lemon in it. Microwave it till it starts  to bubble and leave it for a few minutes to steam. Then, take a cloth and wipe the whole microwave clean.

6Remove grease from clothes

To remove the grease stains sprinkle some powder on the spot and leave it there for ten minutes. Then, wash as usual.

7Remove marks from taps

To remove marks from tap rub half a lemon on it and than you will get sparkling cleaning tap.

8Clean your washing machine

To clean washing machine fill machine with hot water and pour 3-4 cup of white vinegar spin it and after a minute, add ½ cup of baking soda and spin the machine for at least 30 minutes. Your machine will sparkling clean.

9Remove nail polish from carpet


Remove nail polish from carpet with a paper towel and then rub the stain with some rubbing alcohol. Throw some cold water while scrubbing.

10Clean toilet with Coca Cola

Yes, it sound so laughable but, it really works.

11Clean lipstick stains

Spray on the mark and leave it for 10 minutes. Then, dab it with a wet cloth and wash it as usual.

12Use shoe polish on leather sofas

Shoe polish proves useful yo remove scratches from lather sofa but careful about the colour and remember to wipe away the excess polish.

13Wipe away tea and coffee stains

It is too difficult to remove tea and coffee stains on clothes but now we have a trick to remove them. Get Half mug water and some baking soda will do the magic. Just soak the stain for 30 minutes.

14Remove smells in refrigerator

Roll a newspaper and leave it inside the refrigerator and you get your fridge in morning smelling fresh.

15Clean your iron

Make sure the iron is hot and on ‘no steam’.

16Clean old dusty candles

All that stubborn dirt stuck to it will go away.

17Pick broken Glass Easily

It is difficult to pick broken pieces of glass from the floor but you can use a piece of bread and clay to pick them and You will protect your hands to do it.

18Easy way to clean shower

You will get your shower brighten like new.

19Clean your hair brush

Take a scissor to cut hair from the hair brush and than  leave it in warm water mixed with a small amount of shampoo to remove dander and dust from brush. Take a spare toothbrush and rub it in every row of brush and set on paper towel to dry and your brush should look like new.

20Use vodka as a disinfectant

Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on your carpet to disinfect it.