20 Things We’ve been Doing and Killing Our Environment Slowly

20 Things We’ve been Doing and Killing Our Environment Slowly


20 Things We’ve been Doing and Killing Our Environment SlowlyFriends, We are doing sometimes those things which is harmful for our environment. We going to spoil our environment in future. Even to do some tiny things we spoil environment. We are totally unaware about it. It is a fact that it start and end  by us. But now this is the time to stop all of that.  We should trying to know about it that how we can stop all of that. Don’t tensed about it we’ll help you in it. Here we have some things we’ve been doing and killing our environment Which helps you to aware about, and try not doing it again.

1Leave Your Monitor On

We always forget to turn off our computer and laptop monitor. we shouldn’t do so. We should turn off it, to do it we save electricity.

2Taking 2 Cups for Coffee

We always take two cups if coffee because it become easy to hold the cup. But we should take only one cup.

3Throwing off your  Bills

We should try to use smartphones  paying our bills. After pay it we trash them and put it out. So try to save environment.

4Not Using Stairs

We should take stairs instead waiting for elevators.

5Your one pair of Jeans

Do you even know the jeans you wear how and with what material. Well just one pair of jeans uses 1500 gallons of water before it reaches you. Yes, you read that right.

6Using Loaded Washing Machine

We should use washing machine when it partially loaded. we shouldn’t waist water, detergent and electricity.

7Lazy in Change the Gear Of Car

We shouldn’t show laziness at the time of changing gear of  the car. To do it we can save fuel and when car is at a higher speed car’s engine will work better.

8Read The Newspaper

We should spend our more time on web and should read the newspaper online.

9Not Using Curtains in Home

We should have curtains in our house and shut them in night in summer and open them in day during winters and save electricity.

10Forget To Turn Off Your Geyser

We should have a habit of remember to turn off the geyser.

Here we have some more things to aware you and should make habit of it.

1. At the bath time we should use buckets shouldn’t use shower.

2.  Remember to switch off fans and light when you don’t use them.

3. Walk more.

4. When we go on grocery shopping we should carry our own bag.

5. Replace plastic.

6. Use dustbin for throw domestic material.

7. We should plants more trees.

8. Whenever you see the water tap running, turn it off.

9. Use water how much you need it.

10. Re cycle and recycle.


Please remember these things and make it a habit. Give your contribution to save our environment.