15 Useful Hacks For People Who are totally Obsessed With their Hair

15 Useful Hacks For People Who are totally Obsessed With their Hair


15 Useful Hacks For People Who are totally Obsessed With their Hair : Hair problems, yes this is the thing which made us so irritating and tensed. Whenever you style your hair and tries different type of style and sometimes we used many type of hair cosmetics and wrong uses of hair gadgets and they become so rough and unmanageable. We should always use hair gadgets in a right way. You have many bad hair days in your daily life but now you all girls keep calm and here we have a good news for you. Today we bring you Useful Hacks For your hair which helps you to learn many hair tricks to manage your hair.

1Use Paper Towel


When you blow drying your hair you should use paper towels to absorb moisture.

2Correct Way to wear Bobby Pins


You should know the correct way to use bobby pins.

3Bobby Pins Storage

bobby pins

You should store your bobby pins in a tic tac container.

4Combs for Curly Hair


You should use right type of curly instruments to maintain your hairs.

5Tips to tie a hair-scarf


You should know to tie a scarf (a hair turban) in a right way.

6Half-Washing your hair


You can also try half washing, when you have no time to wash your hair you can wash your hair in wash basin. This idea may be helpfull for you in hurry.

7Secret to sexy waves


Here is also a secret to have sexy waves.

8Use right Shampoo


You shouldn’t use shaompoo with ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate, if you have thin hair..

10Simple Hair Mask


To make it you need to have these ingredients- 1 tablespoon white vinegar, 1 egg and 2 tablespoon olive oil.

Direction to use it- Mix it well in a bowl. Apply it on dry hair. Keep it around 15 to 20  minutes and wash it with out shampoo and conditoiner.

12Try a new Ponytail


If you get bored of your ponytail you can made it a twisted ponytail.

13Don’t use Iron on wet hair


You should never use hair straightener or a curling iron on wet hair.

14Try a non-permanent colour


You should try non-permanent colour first when you think to colour your hair.



Hope these hacks should help you to manage your hair better and beautifully.