9 People Proved that Success Is The Best Revenge

9 People Proved that Success Is The Best Revenge


9 People Proved that Success Is The Best Revenge : It will have be with you that peoples disappoint you by passing comments and judgements and it’s hurt you too much. It’s a very worst problem of peoples that they are judge too much. It feels so bad to be disliked and no to be accepted  but just hang in there because you are not alone, and the best is yet to come. There are many peoples in the world who didn’t accept by peoples but they become strong of it and take their revenge to give their best. They succeeded not because they thought about those  peoples who hurts them and let them down in real they believe in themselves. Here we have 9 People Who Proved Success Is The Best Revenge.

Walt Disney: Fired from the newspaper company because he ‘lacked’ creativity.

Walt Disney

As  he intrested in art and drawing, He sold some sketches to his neighbors at the age of 7. He starts to do work in the art and photography field When he attended the McKinley High School in Chicago. He was haired by Kansas City Star newspaper but later he was fired from there because the thought thet he was lacked in creativity. Than Disney started many businesses but they also fail in many times. After many trials  Disney’s persistence paid off with very little money. As his work were a reflection of brilliant animation skills  selected by Motion Pictures in 1928 and  Mickey Mouse was born.

Se also have a record of most Academy Awards won. He won 26  Academy Awards (Oscars) and he also bought the newspaper company who throw him out, he bought his owned newspaper company ABC.

Michael Jordan: Rejected from his high school basketball team

Michael Jordan

Peoples knows him as MJ and He is a famous basket ball player. Peoples would not believe that he was praised by people as the basketball player pf all times rejected from his high school basketball team. According to Forbes, it is just a myth and it’s continue because he inspired from all over world to work hard even when they face faulure. And after some time success will come to him and he take this revenge to got success as won the Most Valuable Player Award 5 times.

Arunabh Kumar: Got rejected by the company, MTV India

Arunabh Kumar

He is much acclaimed yogi from the TVF pictures. He was unhappy because Indian telivision industry didn’t have the content rich shows. So he reached on MTV channel which was the most popular youth-oriented channel. But unfortunately MTV rejected his idea of start something which is content rich.

After all of this he started his own modest venture and now in 2015 he is known as The Qtiyapa Guy and has 1,096,581 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Steve Jobs: Got fired from his own company

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs appointed Pepsi executive John Sculley to run Apple.  Sculley convinced the board to sideline Jobs in 1985. ASteve jobs started his own company NEXT after being fired. Which was possessed by Apple in  $400 million in 1997. Apple gave the whole company to control it in Jobs hands. In 2005 and you know very well that what happened forward.

Sania Mirza: Targetted because of her clothes and marriage to Shoaib Malik

Sania Mirza

In 2005, His tennis clothes were ‘un-Islamic’ and ‘corrupting’ by a Muslim scholar and when she spoke about safe sex people said she was ‘corrupting influence on the youth.’ People called her a traitor,  tweeted abuses and also sent her death warnings, When she married the Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik.

In 2015, she got a big success to became  first Indian to win a Grand Slam in Women’s Doubles at Wimbledon and won the award the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna on August 29, 2015.


Steven Spielberg: Rejected from the USC school 3 times

Steven Spielberg

Se is a famous American director, producer, and a screenwriter and known for his famous films like Schindler’s list, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones. After it he was rejected him three times by the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts because the Admissions Officer percieve his c-level grade averag too low. After it he go on to find education from anywhere and he found a industry directed by jaws, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, and the Indiana Jones series.

Than he given us great movies and  now he earn over $1 billion from his production company Dreamworks. After getting success he was invited by the school who was rejected him named USC to gave an honorary degree. But he wasn’t accepted it. He said that if the person who rejected him signed the degree than he accepted it

J.K Rowling: Got fired from a company, failed marriage, dependent child

J.K Rowling

She worked as a secretary in Amnesty International before the success of Harry Potter. She also think about the foundation Harry Potter and all those characters and situations the he would be faced. After some time she got divorced but after 7 years he after graduating, having a failure marriage, a dependent child she felled as failure as liberating because it allowed her to focus in writing.

And the success of Harry Potter she was known as the Most Influential Woman in Britain and by Forbes she ranked 48th  most powerful celebrity of 2007.

Ratan Tata’s revenge on Ford by buying JLR

Ratan Tata

In 1999, he have an offer a deal of sell Tata’s motor division to Ford  but rejected with a humiliting resposne from Ford official. He decided to seek help from Ford who showed interest nut Ford humilated Tata Motors. they said that if Tata buy their passenger car division they ready to do favor with him.

He disappointed after the meeting and left the room. After nine years in 2008, Ford  was reeling in bankruptcy and they had to let go of their iconic Jaguar and Land-Rover brands for $2.3 billion. And guess who bought it? Ratan Tata. Ford chiarman Bill Ford thanked Ratan Tata to do a big favor by buying JLR.

Brian Acton: Got rejected from Facebook, Twitter, and founded Whatsapp

Brian Acton

Brian Acton a founded the very popular social messenger Whatsapp with Jan Koum. They worked together at yahoo and also left Yahoo and took a year off.  They both applied to facebook and twitter but failed.

After some time facebook acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion. It was the best profit of Brian. He said that,Facebook taught him a good lesson.