9 Things Indian Parents Should Get Over

9 Things Indian Parents Should Get Over


Your parents are also pinch you everytime and in everything what you do of your choice, Right. But our parents do this because they love us, care us but some times they react extra with us. Even when we reach at the age of 22 their reaction never change. We assume that they love us but they also assume that now we are on 22 of our age and we can do take care of us. It is difficult to convincing Indian parents of something you want to do as a result of your choice.  You cannot choose your parents. Neither can you change them. If you could, you would probably pick some of the things from this list.

1The Stunted Growth Pattern

Father and mother kissing daughter

We can’t grow up for our parents ever. Even we get married and have kids of our own but for our parents we are still to young to take life’s important decisions without consulting our parents first.

2Friend Request On Facebook

It’s too creepy and we also know that they’ll stalk us. We love them and they also love us but we can’t accept their request on facebook.

3‘Hamara Time’ Syndrome

Mother scolding her daughter

I’m changing faster than you can say ‘Beta’! Nothing about the present day matches with how well they spent their childhood, respected their elders and survived without cell phones and internet.

4Tea/coffee = Dark complexion

It does not happen. This theory nowhere else, it is exists only in your thoughts. If the theory was true, we’d all be varying shades of brown.

5Importance Of Money

Indian parents have copyright of the line ‘Paise ped pe nahi ugte!’ By the time kids are nine or ten years old, this fact is etched in their memory forever.

6Parents Facts

We can’t never change the fact of our parents that their kids are incapable to understand simple facts until they are grown ups. which never happen. You also heard manytimes ‘Tum jab bade hoge tab samajh mein aayega’. We’ll never grow up for our parents.

7You’re not fat, you’re healthy!

If you stay away from your parents and when you go home after  long time your parents always say that you have lost weight. But you according to you you gaining a lot of weight and you can do anything to lose it.

8Weird Ringtones

For some unknown reason, Indian parents love to keep bhajans/old Hindi songs as their ringtones.

9Hitting Or Pinching In Public!

For Indian parents does not matter who is around or where they are capable of slapping you or pinching in public.