Things Only Neat Messy People Understand

Things Only Neat Messy People Understand


Things Only Neat Messy People Understand : Friends, Diwali is coming in a few days. So it is the time to clean your house and shops also. Even some of you are keeping your house’s. Your mamma also says you to help her to clean their room and home also. But you love being messy and you just can’t understand why you have to clean when it is going to be messed up again. Being messy is a talent and it exists in your DNA. It’s so easy to be messy than organised and after clean the house you don’t get your things on same place which found before like your books you found below the bed. Here we have some Things Messy People Will Definitely Relate To.


1You become confused

You are getting confused when your mom reminds you continue to clean up all and think what kind of need to do all of that later all things will be mess up again.

2Don’t have habit to organize things

You have a habit to mess up all things to just enter the house not have a habit to organizing them properly.

3You get annoyed Easily

When someone clean your room you are getting annoyed because you don’t find your things at the same place like you left your books under the bed and now you don’t know where it is.

4You also mess up your friend’s home

When you go to your friend’s home you don’t leave your habit there and mess up all at you friend’s home also. It happens naturally and you can’t really help it too. You complicate the things for your friend too.

5You takes a lots time to find the thing

When you clean up all the room and start to find the thing after clean up all, you takes a lot of time to find the thing and when you start to find the thing you mess up all again more than before.