15 Things Your Father Does For You

15 Things Your Father Does For You


15 Things Your Father Does For You : We all are knows that how our fathers is important for us. Father plays a most important role in our life to their child ‘s development which can’t be played by anyone in our life. He is as important as mother in child’s life. Our father is the one man who helps in every field in their child’s life from birth to death. I am also lost my father and i can understand the importance of father  to be in everyone’s life.  Here we recognize you  that things which is  done by our dad’s for us and still doing to be the future of us.

1He Recount on You

He recounts you many stories for several years and he recounts that how he met to your mother and how he went happy after your born also.

2He Cares for You

When we are babies he care us. He got up late night when we weep, feeding us, change the diapers and wiping our mouth and clean potty session also.

3Our Teacher

He is also our teacher. He taught us that how we take our responsibilities and act with responsibility.

4His Treating Behaviour

He is treating like that way what he wanted to be treat and don’t want to face you any problem what he faced in her time.

5His Unconditional Love

He also shows her unconditional love for your mother and guide you to become a best life partner.

6He Complete Your Wishes

When you was a child he completed your all wishes what you want and expected to your father.

7He read comics with you

While we are young he read comics and stories and even made ridiculous noises while you read jungle book.

8Ride On His Shoulders

Remember when you wanted for riding on his shoulders and love that ride more than any other ride in the park.

9Father as a Coach

He teach you how to play hide and seek and also couched you in sports, games and adventures.

10Father makes you disciplined

He also teach us to be in disciplined and when we required to be disciplined.

11He Give You a Happy Life

He also gave us the advice that if anyone touch you and fight you than kick their skull and haven’t need to afraid i ‘ll with you always.

12He Always help you

He will always ready to help you. You be financial responsible but  he always says that you don’t have need to buy anything expensive thing, let me buy that for you.

13He Praises you in front Of Everyone

He always shows your greatness in front of  everyone because he knows that how many greatness you achieved and what you can do.

14Respecting Everyone

He respects everyone and teach us a healthy loving tone to set our family with respecting our family members.

15He Guide Us For Whole Life

He is on of the man who guides us to see life and love life and do something better in our life because we have only one life to live.



Our father do all these memorable things for us since our childhood and this shows that how the great father he is. We should thankful of her.