PROS & CONS : Live-in Relationship vs Marriage

PROS & CONS : Live-in Relationship vs Marriage


PROS & CONS : Live-in Relationship vs Marriage : Some peoples choose to live in this type of relationship who are crazy in their partner’s love. Some of the peoples choose it who wish to spend a lot of time with their partner. In this type of relationship couples don’t have any type of boundation of time and many more things. Live in relationship chooses by those who wants to understand their partners better and also wants to bring their relationship better in future. Here are many more advantages and many type of disadvantages. Today we talking about  the advantages and disadvantages of live in relationship in this article.

1Pros Of live-in Relationships

Couples have a golden chance to have live in relationship that they decide that are they live as now in their future or not. Some peoples chooses it in fashion and many of them choose it before get into an legal relationship like marriage. To have it couples don’t have any type of boundation of time and also have a chance to spend a lot of time with eachother.

Live in relationship become a trend of today’s youths. It is the best option to share the love of eachother and made they made their love live long for their future. It seems like a lovemeter also because couples are able to find out that how much their partner love and care of them and how much they have love between them.

Other benefit of it that the negative influence of the society can be avoided because they are still outside the field of social structure and couples don’t have to need to follow the rules of society which have to do the couples after marriage. Live in relationship increase the burden of social dealings.

2Cons Of live-in Relationships

Here are a lot of disadvantages of live in relationship. Couples already set their routine to live together in this relationship and the expectation of create something new and exciting was getting low and fall down after marriage.  Some of peoples cheated their assets during it and some countries don’t have any type of law governing of it. You also hear a large number of cases that have physical and verbal abusing are become increasingly rampant between couples.

In most of the countries live in relationship are not socially accepted even social censure are associated with it. Some couples are claim to be married to save of social rejection. It is too difficult to have another relationship after have it a long time of it. It is the too difficult to share their lives together.

Now this is your choice that what you wanna choose you wanna be live in relationship or not. If you like this article so share it to your near and dear ones and  on social networking sites like facebook, skype, instagram, hike, bbm, viber, twitter etc.