Dear Son, This Will Be Awkward But Let Me Tell You This...

Dear Son, This Will Be Awkward But Let Me Tell You This Loud And Clear: Please Have S*x But Like This


Dear Son, This Will Be Awkward But Let Me Tell You This Loud And Clear: Please Have S*x But Like This : You must be shock be reading the heading of this article, but it is something good that the mother trying to tell her son. Read the whole story below in this article.


If I had to write a terribly tiny tale for the Indian parents, it will be something like,

I am scared. I have sleepless night. I have dreams that it is coming for my children and I am left behind in shock, devastated. It is coming…

SEX is coming!

Of course it is cuming! Of course it is cuming! So is everybody. I fail to understand the entire ruckus everybody has created around it. Sex is magical, it is powerful, it is passionate, it is aggressive, it is a feeling that nothing can match up to. I know most of you reading this have already jumped into the field, but are you doing it right?

This is a letter I want my son and boys his age to read so that they don’t fall into the porn trap.

Dear Son,

This might be a little awkward for you but then you talk about it with your friends all the time, so I figured you are grown up enough to do it with me as well.

Coming from an experienced person you might gain better insights from the gyaan I am going to impart to you. I overheard your conversation with a friend the other day. I am sorry for that because I know I should give you your space but then I was right there behind you and you hadn’t noticed. Anyway, so that conversation was about a girl who had sex with a friend of yours.

You addressed her as a ‘slut’!


I have had sex. Does that make me earn the adjectives or names you give to your  so called friends as well?

I know you think of yourself as a grown up, so lets talk like them. SEX is a natural process. You don’t have to shy away or make a big deal out of it, like most of our society does. It is a human need and we all need it at some point or another. No matter how much you try to hide it from me, I know your age has come. You were the one to give me hints about your growing age and needs.

You really thought I was foolish enough to not understand why you are suddenly spending hours in the washroom? I am sure your motions aren’t problematic enough for you to spend an hour in the washroom, at least twice a day. However, if they are, please let me know because my thought process is going on a different tangent altogether(evidently!). Also, all your late night assignments that you spend hours on the laptop for, I am sure the school doesn’t expect you to do a thesis on Tori Black, Lisa Anne or for that matter our Indian favourite Sunny Leone (yes, your mother does know the name of Porn Stars!). Just so you know, I know what is going on and… Surprise! I am not against it.

There are human requirements, and physical satisfaction is one of them, I know you need it too. You are growing up in a pornified world and I know you will have weird fantasies but as a mother and the first woman in your life let me make you face reality. Porn movies sell sex like a drug. It gives you a high for a small period and it is soon over. The porn-stars are usually high on drugs as well to be able to hold it for such a long time. They make good use of the camera to make sure viewers get what they want.

Here are few of the things I would really want you to know about women and sex!

Respect sex and your partner:

Actual sex is way different from your fantasy world. You enjoy it more than you enjoy porn. There are emotions involved. Your involvement is with a person and not just a body. She might not like things that you do and you might not like things that she does, but that shouldn’t be the benchmark for anything. You can blame porn and the movies for giving you false hopes and showing the wrong picture. Sex is a personal choice and there is no set formula for satisfaction. Disappointed?? Don’t be!

Be safe:

Condoms are not just for your truth and dare games. Believe it or not, they were invented for far more important reasons. I still use them despite being involved with only one man, your father. Condoms are just the essential ingredient to ensure a safe and stress free life. I am sure you don’t wish to run around the chemist for contraceptive pills or pregnancy tests. Pills and abortion are not good for the girl’s health, and as an honorable man you should always take care of your lady. So please whenever you do it, Do the Rex!

Don’t just do it for the heck of doing it:

There are many studies that prove that sex with the person you are in love with, is the most pleasurable experience. Yes, you can act as the cool stud doing it with multiple partners but then there is no pleasure attached to it. I consider sex as an experience and trust me when you do it with a person you are in love with, you will always have a good feeling about. Sleeping with multiple partners is essentially, not wrong but five years down the line you might not feel as studly about it. Don’t make sex lose its charm in your life. The excitement, the experience and the nervousness about making your loved one comfortable is to die for.

I am a mother. I am your mother, and I am speaking to you like this because I don’t want you to become one of those who ridicule sex and females for it. I know when you do it you will discuss it with your friends. That’s ok. Even girls do, but please don’t get into the details. That is  just disrespecting the girl and the faith she had in you.

I don’t know what your current state is. I don’t know if you have even thought of doing it in the near future. I don’t know if while reading this you are a virgin. All I know as of now is, you are my son and I don’t want to be one of the mothers who ignore this topic and let their kids get carried away and walk on the wrong path. Take time. Fall in love. Use condoms. Don’t disrespect women. Enjoy sex. Do it when you want to do it.

But do it right!