She Only Wanted Sex But I Wanted More, This Is How She...

She Only Wanted Sex But I Wanted More, This Is How She Ruined My Life: It’s A ‘Man’s World’ Indeed


She Only Wanted Sex But I Wanted More, This Is How She Ruined My Life: It’s A ‘Man’s World’ Indeed : Hello guys, today we have a different story of a boy who struggles because of a girl. We always think that it’s boy’s fault whatever the matter is, but it is the time to change our thinking over boys.

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Until my graduation I was a happy soul aiming to reach my goals and chase my dreams. Then, I met a girl who ruined my life, it seemed like that was the sole reason why she stepped into my life. After all she’s a girl and she can do whatever the f**k comes to her mind. Right? Wrong.

“It’s a Man’s world” they say but they forget to add that it’s all in the past. Women in today’s world have replaced casanovas in every sense of the word. Judge me all you want but I’m never going to take this statement back.

She was my colleague and I had no feelings towards her until she forced me into her sickening trap. I danced with her at a party. That was a magical moment, but only for me. I started crushing on her and I confessed soon after. I didn’t want to end up in a friend zone.

I made myself clear before I could get a “He used me” tag.

She took time to take her decision. ONE MONTH to say NO. During this whole month I gave her a surprise every day. Almost every night used to be a date night for us. Pubbing, drinking, travelling, bush walks and what not. All paid for of course, for her, since woh ladki hai. She was enjoying a lot, I could see. However, I knew my limits, I didn’t want to lose her. I genuinely wanted to be with her.

I stopped talking to her to work on myself but I couldn’t resist after four days so I called her. We started ‘hanging out’ again and this time we were closer than ever before.

One night we went to a club and we were dancing. She had a couple of drinks, and suddenly she yanked my hands and placed them on her hips. She hugged me, I was on cloud nine. That night I kissed her. That was my first kiss and it was the best indeed. After coming out of the club we felt uncomfortable. Rather, she made it uncomfortable and we never talked about that night again.

Days passed and I was not concentrating on my career. I was stupidly falling in love and even though she was giving me everything a guy would want, I wanted more. So the other night we went to an Irish pub and had wine. We had a very good conversation and I was trying to convince her to be with me but that doesn’t mean I was forcing her.

We kissed again.

We were on road until 2 am and then headed to my place. She had been to my place before, but this time it was very special. She wanted me to sleep next to her on the same bed. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts. Things were heating up. I did not want to proceed further as she was drunk. So I didn’t.

I helped her in every possible aspect of her life, starting from her academic assignments to Visa process (PR visa). I would lift her up whenever she was feeling low. That helped her a lot, at least I hope it did. She even expressed it in her own words. I helped her change her attitude, got her accustomed to the Aussie culture, helped her socialise.

All of this because I was in love and I saw her reciprocating finally.

We had adult *beep* conversations many a times after the incident happened at my place. With this mindset I asked her if we could take a step further and have sex. To my surprise she said Yes. I planned it all too well. I wanted to be the best for her. We went to a spa, had a romantic bath together and booked a huge Villa and spent one night in the forest area. She liked it very much. I can vouch for it. But that is where it all ended, her drama, when her w**re-ish nature was revealed.

Soon I got to know she has a friend who she is very close to. I assumed they are just friends. But somewhere in my heart I was worried. “Is he really a friend to her or more than that?” I felt this because whenever she spoke with him I saw the warmth and affection in her tone, which I never felt when she spoke with me.

One day I happened to read a text message on her mobile. That message was not a usual, that conversation happens only if you are in a romantic relationship. I was upset and I asked her straight away if she slept with that X? She cried and I felt very bad after that. She said ‘No’ and we were normal again.

I asked her if she can stop talking to that X, if she is really interested in me. She said Yes. She didn’t speak with him for a while. Later I got to know that she had been talking to him, hiding it from me. I didn’t say anything this time. I asked her why this was happening, she said he’s her close friend and it takes time to stop talking completely. I kept quiet for a few days. They were going out, for movies, to parks and many other places. He stayed at her place every night. He stayed five minutes away from her place but somehow there was a need for him to stay at hers every night.

I was becoming more and more possessive about this girl everyday. I could feel that, and I knew I wasn’t giving her space. I was questioning her about her whereabouts every hour. Obviously girls these days don’t like you invading their privacy. But what choice was I left with? If she was genuine, and if she was truthful to me why would I spy on her?

I did all this because I didn’t want to lose her. I was scared she will choose ‘X’ over me.

I helped her cross every hurdle in her life, until the last hurdle. She said she’ll be leaving him, she had achieved everything by now. She found a job in IT. She was well settled. And finally she said she couldn’t take anymore drama from me. She was with me till she needed me. Now she was happy with him. Well, I don’t blame her. Mistake was mine. If she was using me, she was doing it right. She knew what she was doing, she stuck by her plan. I am the one who should be feeling guilty.

Because I fell for her trap.

I feel happy for her, she’s in a safe zone with her (boy)friend staying at her place every f***ing night. I wish she stays with that guy here after. I don’t want that person to be another victim.

Now I am leaving the country, going back to India as a loser. I didn’t even care about my career. I wasted two precious years of my life trying to convince her. It’s not too late now. I will start my career from scratch.

I won’t give up just because it’s a GIRLS’ WORLD.

One thing she had made clear, she always wanted our relationship to be that of a ‘friends with benefits’. I was the one with intentions of marrying her and said ‘Yes’ for everything she asked for. But how could I see that girl with another person when I was giving her my everything. I am not judging or blaming her for what I lost.

But can you blame me if I hate that gender altogether now?