Top 20 Safest Cities from around the World

Top 20 Safest Cities from around the World


Top 20 Safest Cities from around the World : Travelling is like a energy potion for our body. Travelling gives us a break to our busy,regular, and boring schedule of life. We collect some happy moments, and got a unique experience by travel. We have chance to meet new peoples, taste new food, a chance to know another country’s culture, peoples. Everyone makes planning before go on trip and a very important thing is “safety”. In our world there are many cities which is safe in health, respect of crime and personal safety also. We are going to tell you about 20 sfest cities in the world which is safe for us in  every way and best to go on  trip with your family.


Frankfurt is the largest city in German state in  and the fifth largest city in Germany. Frankfurt is also a state of cultural and education institution.

2Washington, D.C.

Washington ,D.C. is one of the safest city of U.S. because the house of government The Whitehouse, The Capitol, and The Supreme Court are there. This is a capital of U.S. also. It ranks 17 of personal security.


It is  capital of England and located on bank of Thames. This city is also safe because the imposing house of parliament are in the centre of city and it ranks 16th in the terms of digital security.

4Los Angeles

Los Angeles is situated in southern California. This city is on the 23 rank for personal safety and need to do well in cyber security.


Chicago is located on Lake Michigan in Illinois. It ranks 10th in digital ssecurity and trying to reduce crime.


Barcelona is successful   to reduce crime 32% in only 3 years by the help of police strategy and it is also a most largest city in U.S. famed.


It is one of the largest city in Quebec and ranked 2nd best city in personal safety and ery to  live everywhere. The city is celebrated 90 festival in every year.


Taiwan capital  Taipei is ranks 5th in personal security and 9th in health security. Taipei is known as the fun city have the coolest city, theme based restaurant,music festival.

9San Francisco

San Francisco is in in northern California and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. It ranks 8th in the category of digital security.

10Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the best city to go for a trip with your family located in southeastern China. It ranks 4th in the category of digital security and 6th in personal security.

11New York

It is the best city to go on a trip with your family. New york city is ranks 3rd in digital security and 2nd for haelth security.


Melbourne is the city in Victoria, Australia. It  ranks 8th in personal security and also ranked as the most livable city in the whole world.


Toranto is the city located in Ontario, Canada. Toranto is ranks 8th in all category. It is most popular city of Canada and best to go on a trip.


The city is in north at the end of lake Zurich in northern Switzerland. It is on the 1st rank in the category of infrastructural safety and health security also.


Sydney is in New South Wales, and one of the largest city in Australia. It ranks 3rd in  the category of infrastructural safety and 10th in personal security.


It is the capital of the Netherlands and also ranks 9 out of 50 in the category of personal safety and 4th in the category of infrastructure safety.


It  is the capital of Sweden. It ranks 7th in digital security and 10th in health security. It has one of the most cleanest metropolises.


Osaka city is situated in Japan and a large port city. It is a peaceful city and ranked 2nd in personal safety and 6th in health security.


Singapore is an island city in Asia and the smallest country in the world. It ranks 1st in personal safety.


Tokyo, the capital of Japan and it ranks 1st in digital security and 5th in personal and infrastructure security.