10 Hollywood Celebrities whose plastic surgery Destroyed their life

10 Hollywood Celebrities whose plastic surgery Destroyed their life


10 Hollywood Celebrities whose plastic surgery Destroyed their life : Everyone wants that their faces looks like picture perfect. Like everyday we stand atleast once in a day in front of mirror and wish to be picture perfect. But everyone don’t looks like beautiful as they want but celebrities don’t think like that they have an amazing option in that case and the option is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery proves as a present of god to hide our uglyness.  But sometimes it proves like a boon of curse. We have to cost them for big time and we don’t have any thing instead of embarrassment. Here we have 10 Hollywood Celebrities whose plastic surgery caused them a lifetime of embarrassment.

1Kim Kardashian

In all Hollywood Industry one one like Kim Kardashian. Kim was hated those persons who was jealous of her figure. She looks like a barbie doll in their age but she messed up all her beautiful face to have some excessive Botox implants and the result is that and lossed our beautiful Kim Kadarshian.

Kim Kardashian

2Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox was another Hollywood actress who known as a Monica and she also have a bad plastic surgery. She wanted to be youthful and beautiful as long as and for this she used Botox and facial fillers. She made a big mistake to used Botox she feel wierd and can’t move with the face. Than she take a decision of plastic surgery.

3Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson

Caarrot Top was  a famous funny character in Hollywood Industry. He definitely did have his funny moments.  Before you knew it Carrot was yesterday’s news. He also used plastic surgery to got rid of his freckles, and his lips blown up with Botox and in the end we don’t have the same carrot Top.

4Jocelyn Wildenstein

This is the most weirdest result of plastic surgery. Her ex-husband Alec Wildenstein was infatuated with big cats. Jocelyn’s love was like any other type of love. So she altering her face through surgery in her husband’s love.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

5Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne was so beautiful looking in 2005 to have smooth cheekbones, raised eye-lids, and neatly trimmed and straightened hair. Her husband is entrapped in a social media fight and her age shows their lasting implants. So she decides to have a goth look and wears a burgundy colored bun.

6Mickey Rourke

Mickey was looking so handsome when he was still featuring in silver screen. But when he stepped in to  boxing ring his nose was fractured.  He wants to fix his nose and he have to do plastic surgery to fix it. After doing that he looks like a different person. Now he have to move with the face because of a bad reaction of surgery.

7Barry Manilow

He was a buisness man of mainstream music business and unconventional song writing and he wrote for popular brands like McDonald’s. Berry carried a typical singre’s look like the clean shaved look with long, bouncy hair and a denim jacket. Once he wanted to have an unique look and one day he looked like a distorted version. He has changed haircut of bizarre, his cheeks bloated, and his skin was tightly stretched and rigid and carried odd coloured suits also.

8Courtney Love

When she was in rock band she looked so cute and pretty with her great lips but her lips was  little pale and she wanted big nice lips  so she  have godforsaken plastic surgery.  It is the example of ruined most beautiful features which gave us by God.

9Heidi Montag

She wanted to have drastically varying breast sizes, she have wore odd body like doll quantum. After it physical alterations she also have some alteration on her face. Instead of surgery she have a beautiful face before and nobody can’t tell that she have this face after several alteration of  surgery.

10Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers known as the king of Plastic surgery. As Jocelyn Wildenstein and her love for her husband, he also  wanted to look young for his young wife. Se regrets the decision now he tells that “my eyes were a lot warmer than they are now and I miss that.”