10 Things everyone must learn before 20’s

10 Things everyone must learn before 20’s


10 Things everyone must learn before 20’s : We all are grow up day after day and year after year physically and mentally also but the question is that what you have learnt in the years you have lived so far. When we all are reach at the age of 20’s, we have many responsibilities to make our future and to make us mature as our age. We all should learn all those things which helps us after 20’s like making friends. cooking, have one hobby for life, smiling dressing up and get over past relationships. Today we have 10 things for every individuals must learn to do before they reach 20”s.

1Make Friends

We should choose our friends with carefully and wisely because friends will helps us whole life and they will helps us without object also. Friends is an important part of our life.

2Learn to cook atleast five meals

Learn to cook at least five meals by yourself which helps you when you need it you can made something at least by yourself. You can learn to cook those dishes which made by basic ingredients.

3Having One Hobby for Life

You should have a hobby for life, it’s also helps you for whole life. It will become into a part time or full time business. It can be anything you get like sports, art, photography, music, programming etc. If you have a hobby it can helps you to earn living.


We have to learn also in opposite conditions. When ever we are in the busy schedule or important aspects of your life you can forget your smile. It spread happiness, feels you fresh all day and make your life cheerful. So don’t miss it ever.


Travelling is the easiest way to be responsible and feels you fresh to your busy and boring schedule. You can travel alone, with your friends, with your family and with your soul mate. It is the way you can understand nature and help you explore. You will meet  interesting peoples on the way which can be a good experience of your life.

6Get over the past relationships

You should also get over the past relationships and shouldn’t waste your precious time in all these waste things. Sometimes it says that he/she left you and you goes in deep about it. please you haven’t time to waste recklessly so forget it and get over it.

7Learning to dress properly

Dressing style is a reflection of our social background and status. If you will dress well you can live respected. So be professional by get a professional look.

8Have a Start Up

Teenagers have aright time to start up. It can teach you a lot of things in commerce and business and also in every field. Catch idea in your mind and explore your creativity in this world. Have a start up you get help in your job placements also.

9Saving Money

You should also start to save money. If you save money from today it can your tomorrow’s profit. In your future whenever you need of money in emergency you it will in your hands on that time.

10Respect your parents

We  should respect our parents because they are one of those people who helped you in everywhere.They do everything what we say to them they are the precious gift of your’s life. You should ever do respect them.


You can never know what may happen to you soon after you finish reading this article and that’s the best part of life.!