12 Ordinary People with Superhuman Powers

12 Ordinary People with Superhuman Powers


12 Ordinary People with Superhuman Powers : We saw many superheroes in our life in the superhero’s movies, comics, like- spiderman, hulk, ironman, superman etc and listen many stories from our elders but have you ever seen real life superhero. Here we are ask you about those ordinary peoples who has superhuman abilities in their life. Superheroes can not fictional life they can be in the real life with supernatural hero like power. Here are 12 real life superheroes who has a supernatural power.

1Ben Underwood- the real life “Daredevil”

Ben underwood is as the name of “The Real Life Daredevil”. He had cancer at the age of 2 and lost his sight to a radioactive substance. But he has a superhuman ability of seeing without eyes. He is able to see everything in their room and her home even behind the walls and pillars. His special talent of see everything even after lost his eye sight.

2Wim Hof- Iceman

Wim Hof makes a world record for longest ice bath. His nickname also “iceman”. He climbed up of mount Everest at the height of 6.7 km. and he also makes a Guinness World record for longest ice bath. He reached at the top of mount Kilimanjaro in his shorts with in two days.

3Rajmohan Nair- The electric man

Rajmohan Nair able to passing several amps of electricity through his body without any body harm. His nickname is Electricity Mohan or Electro-Man. He can power up a light bulb or an electric blender by hold two live wires.

4Jyothi Raj- Indian spiderman

Jyothi raj is a wall climber and rock climber.He doesn’t use any support or harness. His nickname is “The Indian Spiderman”. He climbed up from Karnataka’s highest fall 830 ft without any support or harness in apposite direction.

5Tom Cridland, the torture king

He is an American sideshow performer famous as the name “Zamora-The Torture King”. He performed  painful stunts as fire eating, sword swallowing and electrocution in their Jim rose circus.

6Tibetan Monks- Practicing Tummo

Tibetan Monks is able to vary their body temperatue and he increases their body temperatue by the Meditation. Tummo is a form of breathing lamdre, kalchakra,and anuyoga teaching of Tibetan Vajrayana.

7Master Zhou

Master Zhou treating diseases with their powerful Qi gong skills and techniques. He treating the diagnosing and undignosable or mystrey illness. He also known as the name of Healer’s Healer.

8Michel Lotito- who ate a whole aircraft

Michel Lotito famous as the name of Monsieur Mangetout OR “Mr. Eat-All”.He is able to eat everything which the human cannot eat. He eats all aircraft like metal objects, glass, rubber. He had eaten 9 tons of metal.

9Isao Machii- super samurai

Isao Machii known the modern day super samurai. He had a numbers of guinenss world record of his sword skills. He also had a record of fastest tennis ball cut in the speed of 708 km/h.

10Daniel Browning Smith- The rubber boy

Daniel Browning Smith hold’s 7 guinness world record. He famous as the name of The Rubber Boy and also famous in history as the most flexible person. He can able to fit his body through tennis racket.

11Rathakrishna Velu- King of Teeth

He is able to pulls heavy weight by his teeth and his name also registered in guinness book of world record. He is famous for pulled a train weight about 297 tonnes, aat the distance of 2.8 meters.

12Magnetic man Liew Thon Lin

His skin has a very high rate of friction so he can able to stick metallic things on his body. He can also pulled a car with magnetic force.

These people deserve more respect. 12 Ordinary People with Superhuman Powers. Share it as much as you can.