15 World’s most Strange Buildings in the World

15 World’s most Strange Buildings in the World


15 World’s most Strange Buildings in the World : In the whole world many buildings but here are many strange buildings that can makes us shock. We don’t think that this kind of buildings can in the world for those we can’t think even in our dreams. We saw only simple and generic buildings yet but now we saw the most strange buildings from all over the world. We also thinks about beautiful, unique, strangest buildings in our dreams. Who see the dreams like that so there is the good news for those. Here we describe about those strangest, oddest buildings having different types of curved, shapes.

1The Dancing Building, Prague

The nationale nederlandan situated in the Rasinovo nabrezi,Prague. Its nick name given by fred and ginger. It was desgined by vlado milunic, frank gehry in 1992 and completed in 1996.

2The Crooked House, Sopot, Poland

The crooked house is situated in sopot, poland and its real name is Krzywy Domek. It designed by Szotynscy & Zaleski. Krzywy domek was built in 2004 and approximately 4000 square meter in size and it also apart of rezydent shopping centre.

3World’s largest basket, Newark, Ohio

It is situated in 1360 wwest main street, Newark. Its real name is Longarbeger company. Longaberger used direct marketing to sell products. It is an American  manufacturer and distributor of handcrafted.

4The Washing Machine Building,Mexico city, Mexico

The Washing Machine Building is situated in modern northwest district Mexico city, Mexico.The official named of the building Calakmul. It has two buildings the first is high-rise washing machine and the second – pyramidal type building.

5The Kettle House, Galveston, Texas

The Kettle House is situated in, Galveston, texas. It has intresting looking structure and built in 1950.It looks so beautiful but has many horrible story also.

6Wall House, Groningen, Netherlands

The Wall Housse is located in Groningen, Netherlandsand has an other name Bye House. It was built in 1973 by American architect John Hejduk.

7Manchester Civil Justice Centre, Manchester

Manchaster Civil Justice Centre is a governmental building in Manchester, England. It completed in 2007, has 17 floors and 80 m (260 ft).

8Stone House, Guimaraes, Portugal

This unique house is built by rocks situated in Nas montanhas de Fafe, Portugal. It was built in 1974 by a fun loving family.

9Container City, London

The innovative city named container city situated in London, United Kingdom. The first container city was built in 2001 in four days by Trinity Buoy Wharf.

10UFO Buildings, Taiwan

Its official name is Sanzhi UFO building and Sanzhi Pod City. It is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan and built in 1980.

11Nord LB Building, Hanover, Germany

It is one of the largest commercial bank in Germany. It was established in 1765 and located in,Hanover, Germany. Its total asset is € 244 billion (2008).

12Solar Furnace, France

World’s largest Solar Furnace is at Odellio in the Pyrenees oriebtales in France built in 1970. It has a structure of solar power to produce high temprature.

13Museum, Niagara Falls, Canada

It is one of the most oldest canadian museum located in Niagara Falls, ontario canada. It was built  in 1827 by Thomas Barnett.

14Wilkinson Residence, Portland, Oregon

The wilkinson Residence located in portland, oregon. It was built in 1997 and ready to built in 2004.

15The Atomium, Brussels

It is a building in Brussels in 1958 by Andre Waterkeyn. It is established for Expo 58 Brussels Worlds fair.



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