The Devil’s Triangle Bermuda : Facts & Summery

The Devil’s Triangle Bermuda : Facts & Summery


The Devil’s Triangle Bermuda : Facts & Summery : You have also seen many strange things which happens because of nature.  Today we have a article about the Devil triangle-Bermuda. You think what is Barmuda Triangle and why is it called devil’s triangle. Some believe that the Bermuda Triangle and its twin, the Devil’s Sea south of Japan.  Today we’re going to hit the high seas, and venture into a matched pair of alleged danger zones where ships and airplanes are said to disappear at an alarming rate.  To know that, How was so many ships met their doom in the sea off the south coast of Japan, you can read below .

bermuda triangle 1

The strange triangular shape area is on the Atlantic Ocean and this is call the Great Bermuda Triangle.

bermuda triangle 2

Many ships floating and planes are flying over the area but all have disappeared without leaving any clue behind.

bermuda triangle 3

According to statistics its happening over the past 500 years and more than 1000 planes and ships have been the prey.

bermuda triangle 4

Many peoples believes that devil is at play, and this conclusion aroused because,  ships and planes have disappear from many years without any type of natural disaster or technical problems. it happens when everything just fine. But a strange yellow fog has been observed in that area.

bermuda triangle 5

All the incidents are happens at the southern boundary of the triangle because the area is the deepest area.

bermuda triangle 6

What is possible other than the supernatural theory, is that the methane gas present on the sea bed, is so strong to burn the ships and planes passing over it, that their no clue left behind.

bermuda triangle 7

Here is another possible theory is that of the electronic fog where a cloud appears from nowhere, and intakes the plane or the ship thus leaving no trace. As of now, methane gas makes sense.

bermuda triangle 8

 Bermuda’s unfolded mystery, serves the interests of many. Because not much people knew about the story behind.

bermuda triangle 9