17 Most Useless Inventions Ever Made

17 Most Useless Inventions Ever Made


17 Most Useless Inventions Ever Made : Inventions of good and useful things make our life easier and better but some peoples invent those things which proves totally useless and needless. Here we have an article about those things which are Most Useless And Bizarre Things Ever Invented. Many inventions have made life better and easier, then there are others we wonder why someone would come up with it. To take a look of these pictures your mind become under pressure that why peoples invent these type of useless things and waste their precious time. Take a look at some of the most useless inventions out there.

1Shoe umbrellas

Who invent these kind of things? I think you never ever need of it.

2Goldfish walker

Your pet also like to go for a walk. It doesn’t matter that your pet have leg or fins. So let’s go on walk with your goldfish to take it in Goldfish walker.

3Remote control headband

I think nobody have need it. Peoples like to handle their remote controls in their hands carefully.

4Toilet roll hat

It can help you when you forgotten to take handkerchiefs.

5 Baby Mop

It is good news for every women who has child because your sweet little children can help you to sweep your home if you have it.

6Soleless canvas shoes

Have you ever wear soleless canvas shoes, it’s so awkward. It’s liking by those who like to lives barefoot.

7Air-conditioned shoes

Don’t think that a small fan attach in the bottom of the shoe. But it’s a great deal to have a shoes equipped with fans.

8Chopstick fan

Whenever your tongue burn at the time of eating noodles,Than you need of chopstick fan.

9Solar powered lighter

Who invent this type of thing.

10Toilet golf

It is a good news for golf lovers. You can play golf even in toilet also.

11Privacy scarf

If you keep your things private when you are getting work on computer so you can use  Privacy scarf to keep your things private.

12Wine glass holder

When your hand getting tired to hold a wine glass than you can use wine glass holder.

13Female lap pillow

Because creepiness knows no bounds.

14Cat and dog butt hole covers

According to the report of the product that pet butt hole covers can reduce homosexuality in pets by 43%! How ridiculous is that.

15Snow ball maker

Have fun to scooping out a snow ball from the bed of frozen.

16Portable chin rest

When your chin tense to standing for long hours so you can use Portable chin rest.

17Diet water

When every other drink has a diet version of it, then why leave water behind?