7 Most Terrifying Haunted Places in The World

7 Most Terrifying Haunted Places in The World


7 Most Terrifying  Haunted Places in The World :- Hello Friends, here in this world many horrible things which exist and sometimes which is not happening with those they accept it at the stage of terrifyingly.  It will be like a shocked for those peoples who faces it.  Many peoples do not believe on that but some of the peoples believe on it. This is the world where we lives with devastating, direful, scary things .

In this world there are many places where’s haunted stories are famous in this world.Sometimes We goes on those places for picnic but afte reaching there we knows that there are some of the haunted stories. Many places like that where’s haunted stories are so famous in the hole world. Some peoples wanted to know it for those entertainment,  most of the our youths do it. Here we going to give you the haunted news about Most terrible Haunted Places In The World. So guys ready for the fearful news which will give you the spooky shock.


1Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Here’s the horrible news about the haunted house called Rose Hall Montego Bay, which is situated  in Jamaica at the 6,000 acers of land. This is called Haunted House also. A  mysterious scary story behind it. The story of it is that one times ths owner of the house had 2,000 slaves arround of the house. Her wife annie had affair with those slaves after the death of her husband and killed it. When annie died several hunting and vaarious activities have occurred in this real haunted house.

2The Mysterious Suicide Forest of Japan

7 Most Terrifying Haunted Places in The World

In Japan there is a forest where peoples committed suicide. This is become second most popular place in the world the first is the Golden Gate Bridge. Japanese wandered there and have suicide since 1950. The ratio of Japanese Buisnessman increasing day by day and soon 500 haven’t wandered there and the increasing rate of those is about 10 and 30 per year. The records of committ suicide there 78 in 2002. It is believed that their spirits are scream throug the night, and their bodies will move on their own.

3Helltown, Ohio

It is a haunted town called hell town where the peoples lives in scare  but they have no choice.  There is the story of the munants who were created by a chemical spill,  and monstrous snake known as the “Peninsula Python.”  In most of the myths tell us that there  has never been a chemical plant nor toxic spill., and city celebrates “Python Day” in honour of the legendary giant snake.

4The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado


The hotel Colorado named The Stanley Hotel, has been one of America’s most haunted hotel and with the stories from visitor and staff and the peoples of America. It inaugurated in 1909 and continues to shine today. In 1911, there was a scary happening in room 217 that caused large damage and actually sent the chambermaid in that room. Elizabeth Wilson was  worked there until her death. It’s said that she can still be seen and heard in the room and, if unwed couples stay in the room, she’ll get into bed and try to detached them.

5Winchester Mystery House, California


The Winchester Mystery House, situated in San Jose, California. This house is the personal house of Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester. The house is built with secret passage ways because  of Sarah believed it was haunted by struck down by Winchester guns and only continuous building would soothe them.  Since, those who work there encounter ghosts on the regular and their stories are documented.

6Satan’s Hollow: The Door to Hell

This place is a  tunnel where a group of satan are said to have met in the past. Many reports say it is an old sewer system in the middle of the woods. Their paths  at the form of altar room Their paths converged at some form of altar room and here they performed  which included dark mass, and animal and conjuring.

7Bhangarh: Rajsthan’s Silent Ghost City

Bhangarh situated in Rajsthan established in 1613 by King Madho Singh. It is also called the “silent city”.Bhangarh has immoral and soon cursed by a magician. it is a deserted town. After some time Madho Singh raised the palace at the higher place and the shadow of the palace reached where they are not allowed place. Bhangarh has many horrible stories.


That is all about 7 Most Terrifying  Haunted Places in The World. Stay in touch for new stuff daiyl.